Random Acts of Kindness Day

At Timber Tops, there’s a corner reminding us to be kind: The Kindness Corner! But it shouldn’t take a corner or a special day during the year for us to look out for each other and constantly strive to display random acts of kindness with our summer sisters, our friends at home, our family or the world! The are so many ways we can randomly show acts of kindness today and every day, in every season. Some ideas we have today are: open a door for someone and make her day; pick up trash on your street or at the playground and help the earth; offer to carry some groceries in with your parents and spare them an extra trip to the car; sit next to someone who is alone to remind him or her that we’re all in this together! The BEST thing about camp is the people, you. Tell us how you’re celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day today and every day!

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2017 Optional Activities!

Registration for our 2017 Optional Activities is officially open! Click here to sign up!

Highlights include:

Superstar Tennis: Private and group tennis lessons, USTA tournament play, individualized stroke analysis and strategy sessions.

Personal Fitness Training: One-on-one personal training with a certified pro, including a take-home, year round exercise plan.

TOP Cooks: Farm-to-table experiences, gourmet cooking classes with professional chefs, trip to the Culinary Institute of America.

Superstar Golf: Private lessons with PGA pro, weekly golf outing to beautiful private courses, USGA membership.

Professional Tutoring: SAT, English, Math, Bar and Bat Mitzvah. Individualized plan, hourly rates with experienced educators.

TOP Ranch Riding: Small group riding lessons, grooming and competition on our beautiful private 250-acre ranch. Beginner to advanced.

TOP Basketball: 4-day intensive program for campers interested in taking their skills to a new level.

Private Gymnastics Lessons: One-on-one lessons with skilled instructors for all ages and skill levels.

Senior Trips!
7th Grade: The Adirondacks
July 26-27, 2017
Highlights include: Six Flags Great Escape, dinner on Lake George, Cooperstown, Baseball Hall of Fame, Howe Caverns.

8th Grade: Vermont
July 26-27, 2017
Highlights include: Church Street Marketplace, Bromley Mountain Adventure Park, Ben & Jerry’s Factory, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que.
New additions for 2017 to follow!

9th Grade: New England
July 25-27, 2017
Highlights include: Historic Boston, Fenway Park, Old Orchard Beach and Palace Playground, Portland, Maine and Newport, Rhode Island.
New additions for 2017 to follow!

10th Grade: Montreal
July 25-27, 2017
Highlights include: Jet boating on the Lachine Rapids, Laser Quest, La Ronde amusement park, Lake Placid Olympic Sports Complex.

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What Your Daughter Will Get Out of Camp

In addition to practicing a back handspring and perfecting the butterfly, the intangible lessons of camp know no bounds. In fact, it’s these more abstract takeaways that make the biggest impact on our campers. When we talk to families about camp in their living rooms, when we walk touring families around our grounds, we tend to focus on schedules and special programs; the most important thing about camp, though, is its people, the community, and the gifts we take from it.

We often say that camp teaches you to be the best version of yourself, but that doesn’t always come easily. Nothing great does! It takes work to practice living away from your parents! It takes work to live with people from different neighborhoods or even countries who might have different views! It’s not easy to have face-to-face conversations instead of sending a text or email in camp’s tech-free zone!

So, what will your child get out of camp? We hope team-sport skills are perfected and yoga is given a real chance, but it’s so much bigger that. Your child will come home more confident for having stood up for a friend, happier for having spontaneously burst into song and cheer, more comfortable in her skin for having navigated both big and small tasks independently. Oh, and she’ll have a group of friends and community for life that are sacred, that are all her own, that she can always come back to and rely upon.

Camp takes a sense of adventure and grit and stick-to-it-ness and empathy and goofiness and a zest for life that we all wish for our kids! Those are the true gifts of camp, and what gifts could be more important?

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New Camper Events: Recap!

Our weekend full of new camper parties was awesome! In the Philadelphia area, we had 18 first-time campers gather together to bowl, meet new friends and even learn last year’s camp song and dance! Special shout out to the 5 moms at the event who are CTT alums! At Chelsea Piers in NYC, we had 30 first-time Timber Tops campers in attendance! THIRTY! They had a blast jumping, bouncing and climbing with their future bunkmates!

Thanks to all new campers, parents, and our amazing CTT staff and campers who made the weekend such a success! These girls are ready for camp!

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Explorers Registration is Open!

Enrollment for our 2017 Explorers Program is now open! Is your daughter interested in camp but not ready to commit to a long stretch away from home? Send her up for a fun-filled Explorer Weekend or action-packed Play Day! She will have the chance to participate in exciting camp activities (think sailing, gymnastics, yoga, zip lining and more!) with other prospective campers while camp is in session, the whole time being supervised by our amazing staff. While she is enjoying Explorer Camp, parents can tour Camp Timber Tops and meet with our directors!

For more information or to sign up, check out our Explorers page:

As always, feel free to call the camp office at (267) 639-2488 with any questions and spread the word! The more, the merrier!

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CTT Cares

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day yesterday, we encouraged our camp families to let us know what they were doing out in their communities. We are so proud of the tremendous response we got from our Timber Tops families.

Below are some of the wonderful ways they served their communities this past week:
-Making cards for soldiers and sick children
-Making toys for dogs living in shelters
-Making brownies and lasagna to feed 200 people at 2 food shelters
-Re-building houses in New Orleans

Let’s keep spreading love all year round!
















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Character and Camp

“Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

We can give our children many things, but as parents, we cannot give them character, independence, optimism, and enthusiasm – these are qualities that children have to discover and develop on their own. And that is the true gift of camp. Camp is a place that provides a safe environment to find adventure, friendship and ultimately to find one’s self, to find one’s true character.

At camp we often call ourselves a camp “family,” and for those summer months we really are. We are one community, relying on each other and looking out for one another. It feels like family. And at its heart, that is how Martin Luther King Jr. wanted us to look at the world around us: one family, each of us treated with respect and compassion. May the strength and love that we feel at camp send ripples to the world around us. For those of us lucky enough to go to camp, it’s our obligation to make it so.

Let us know what your kids are doing out in the world for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Email, tag or direct message us, or use the hashtag #CTTCares2017.

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New Camper Events!

Come one, come all to one of our favorite weekends of the year! Our new camper parties are a perfect way to get to know us, so send friends and family! Come on out, NEW CAMPERS! You too, families still THINKING ABOUT CAMP! It’s a great opportunity to meet the directors, get to know our fabulous counselors and maybe even meet future bunk mates!

Saturday, January 21st, 1:00pm-3:00pm
Philadelphia New Camper Bowling Event!
Devon Lanes
300 Lancaster Avenue
Devon, PA 19333

Sunday, January 22nd, 1:30pm-3:30pm
New York New Camper Event!
Chelsea Piers, Between Piers 61 & 62
23rd Street and the Hudson River
New York, New York 10011

Call us at the camp office for more information or to RSVP: (267) 639-2488.

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Individual Laundry for 2017!

Wash away those memories of missing socks! The news broke on social media and we have some very happy campers (and parents!). When have your daughters gotten this excited about laundry?!

That’s right, we’ve stepped up our game with laundry service this year. Each camper will place her laundry in an individual bag and it will be returned clean and FOLDED in the same bag! Amazing!

Happy holidays and happy camp laundry, everyone!

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Guest Post: What CTT Means to Me

This is a guest blog post written by Lauren “Millie” Miller, Assistant Director and Head of Seniors at Camp Timber Tops. Millie was a CTT camper growing up and can’t imagine spending her summers anywhere else! During the year, Millie works in Washington, DC as a school guidance counselor.

As I enter my 25th year at CTT, the question of “what does camp mean to me” is a tough one.  I could talk about the people and how I have come across the greatest, most welcoming, most wonderful friends I’ve ever met.  I could talk about the traditions, the memories of my childhood at camp around those traditions, and how teaching those traditions to the younger generation has helped me appreciate everything camp has given me over the years.  I could talk about the laughter, since at camp there doesn’t seem to be one day that goes by where someone or something doesn’t have me crying from laughing so hard.

But when I really think about what camp means to me I keep coming back to this idea that camp is a place where every camper, counselor, and camp leader can truly be themselves.  Camp is a place where it’s socially acceptable to dress in funny costumes, dance on tables, and sing silly songs.  Camp is a place where kids who are terrified of putting themselves out there can stand up on stage and sing at a Cabaret, dance in a competition, or pick up a field hockey stick for the first time, without fear of judgment or ridicule.  Camp is a place where kids can take risks and grow confidence despite any setbacks or shortcomings.  Girls are pushed and encouraged by everyone to be themselves, to try new things, to tackle obstacles they see before them.  At camp there is no social pressure to fit into a certain box or to be a certain person.  At camp, girls encourage each other to be themselves.

The way girls feel supported by and connected to their fellow campers and counselors at camp is nothing I’ve ever seen before in any other social setting.  There is no other place where girls are inspired to figure out who they truly are and who they want to be.  Camp has a large part in making me who I am as an adult today.  And every summer, I look forward to seeing how the influence of camp helps to make each camper stand a little bit taller, take risks a little bit easier, and form life-long friendships as they develop into confident, independent, young women.

Millie (right) with Head of Juniors and former CTT camper, Rachel (left)

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