Welcome, Chinese Campers!

In addition to welcoming new, second-session campers yesterday, we welcomed six little girls from China! We are so excited to have them (and their chaperone) with us in Greeley these next three weeks. Our Chinese juniors arrived in Greeley at about 2AM, but they made it to morning lineup in time to dance with the rest of the camp to “Get Up and Dance With Me!” They were spotted in the pool, at the lake, in campcraft, in media. Forget Chinese campers. They’re just regular ol’ Timber Tops girls now!

There is more Chinese excitement unfolding at camp this year, however. The play! It’s a total coincidence, but this session’s play is MULAN! Mulan is a Disney tale based on the Chinese legend of Fa Mulan. We’re so excited to wrap up auditions (everyone makes the play, of course) and begin play practice!

Tonight’s evening programs were junior adventure challenge, senior PANIC, and hi-senior bonding games. Another great day and night at Timber Tops!


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