SFA Day, Costa’s for Seniors, Health Screenings and More!

It’s another beautiful day in Greeley. We know, we know, you’ve heard it before, but it’s true! Today was a late sleep at CTT, and it was so nice to wake up having our 11th graders back in Greeley! They flew from Costa Rica, landed in Newark last night, and were home in Greeley by 10PM. We loved seeing them lounging around the couches at breakfast. Camp just didn’t feel the same without them here! We love you, CITs! WELCOME HOME!

During SFA (Supervised Free Activity – basically, free choice) today, Juniors and Seniors participated in so many activities from the lake to the pool to media and the zip line and everything in between. There were music videos being edited, tie-dye being made, back handsprings being perfected and more! But as a special treat, seniors and hi-seniors went to Costa’s Family Fun Park down the road for go-carts, bumper boats, water slides, mini-golf, ice cream and more! Woohoo!

And believe it or not, today was our midsummer health screening. “Lice Be Gone,” our friends from Short Hills, NJ, came to check every head in camp for lice again. For half-season campers, this was their final check. For full-season campers, they’ll be checked once more before the end of the summer. (You would already know if we found lice! Fear not!)

Tonight? It’s going to be an AWESOME night at camp. 6th graders will have a special game night with the boys at Owego, Seniors will have a social with the boys at Owego, 4th grade girls are headed to the ranch for a special night of horseback riding, and 3rd and 5th grade juniors will play Minute to Win It! Never a dull moment under the Greeley sky!

We’re making the most of every moment here at CTT, today and always!

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