A Day of Classics

There are a few Timber Tops staples that never get old, and today there were two in particular that JUNIORS experienced: CREEK STOMPING and LIP SYNC!

Creek stomping is a Timber Tops tradition, even a right of passage. Generations of Timber Tops girls have now walked down the winding road in bathing suits and spent a carefree morning or afternoon just playing, splashing, stomping, salamander searching under the sunny Greeley sky with summer sisters. Ask your camper about creek stomping. There’s nothing more “Timber Tops.” We always talk about how camp should be filled with things you can’t do at home, and this is one of those camp moments that your girls will remember for the rest of their lives.

The other Timber Tops favorite today? LIP SYNC! We’re pretty sure these girls have never seen a music video, but they’d make great ones! Stay tuned for photos and videos of evening program!

Another great day at CTT!


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