CHANGEOVER! Two Sessions at CTT and How It Works!

Last night, we walked down the winding road as one camp. First-session campers faced full-season campers as they threw a penny into Mitchell Creek and made a wish for what next summer will bring.

This morning, we said goodbye to our first-session campers, and as the buses pulled away, our full-session campers drove down that winding road too: to the water park! They’re outta here! Right now they’re enjoying a day of watersides, wave pools and wet rides. What could be bad?!

Most counselors are with campers at the water park, but the rest of us are back at camp cleaning cabins, making any bunk changes and getting ready for second session. By the time our full-session campers get back to camp, camp and bunks will be cleaned, prepped and ready to welcome second-session campers tomorrow! It’s like magic! Camp is perfectly in place! As though this is the way it’s always been! The magic of changeover!

And tonight, while only full-session campers are in camp, we’ll have a full-season camper party and rousing game of Sock It To Me! It’s a great night in Greeley and one that we look forward to all summer (but when isn’t it a great night in Greeley?)!

We can’t wait to welcome second-session campers tomorrow! We’re ready for you!

It's a great day for a water park!

It’s a great day for a water park!

waterpark2 waterpark3

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