Fake Outs, Backtrack Vocal, and the WEEK TWO VIDEO!

Hello Friends!

Today was a glorious day at camp. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and there was a welcomed breeze and cool mountain air to start the day. It was the perfect day to welcome our first group of Explorers! Our overnight Explorers are staying over for the night to try out camp before committing to the real thing next summer. But guess what? It feels like they’ve been here forever. They’ve already enjoyed gymnastics, hanging out with a junior bunk, dance, adventure, the lake, the pool, and even their very first campfire. We think they’ll sleep well their first night at CTT!

But let’s back up for a moment to give a shout-out to the CAs on last night’s not one, not two, but THREE fake outs. The first fake out, before the campfire, was on the lower tennis courts. CAs (our 10th graders) plan, write and coordinate Olympic fake outs in preparation for the real thing (the top-secret Olympic break out that could happen any moment). Anyway, the theme of the first break out was “Food Pockets from Around the World.” Teams were India (Samosas), Mexico (Empanadas), Italy (Raviolis), and China (Dumplings). We thought that was just about the funniest, most creative theme ever. But guess what! There was more! After the campfire, there was ANOTHER fake out in the dance pavilion! This time the themes were “Luxury Brands from Around the World” (okay, that is SO not a believable Timber Tops theme, but it was a FAKE OUT after all)! After the girls started heading back to their bunks, music started playing and the girls ran ALL THE WAY up to the Timberdome at the top of camp for yet another fake out! This time, “Monuments from Around the Word” was a more believable theme, but alas, it was revealed that the CAs were just up to their crazy antics again. Wow. We’re exhausted and amazed just thinking about all of the work the CAs put in to FAKING OUT the camp last night! We think three fake outs in one night had to be some kind of camp record. The girls were going crazy! It was an awesome night at camp. And now “we want, we want, OLYMPICS” is being shouted on fields, on courts, and in the dining hall!

Today was a pretty ordinary ol’ day at camp (though there’s never an ordinary day around here), filled with turkey tacos, dance practice, garlic-bread making, soccer clinics, and tennis tennis tennis. Our runners log has been amazing this summer too, and we’re proud of so many new and old joggers who are making their mark on Lily Lane!

But tonight’s big show is the HIGHLY anticipated repeat performance of last year’s highlight of the summer: BACKTRACK VOCALS! This fab a cappella group is coming in from NYC to wow us again, and we could not be more excited. Older campers have made shirts and signs – you’d think the Superbowl halftime show is coming to Greeley! We love this place.

In taking visitors around camp today with tours and explorers, we keep hearing the same thing: the kids here are JUST SO HAPPY! And it’s true! They are! But don’t take our word for it. Check out the WEEK TWO VIDEO! Up! On the CTT Facebook page and uploaded to the “video” section of CampMinder.

Enjoy and goodnight! We’ll be singing the night away!



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