Though we were sad to see our first session summer sisters go, today was and still is an awesome, highly-anticipated day at camp. FULL SESSION CAMPERS RULE! The only thing better than being a Timber Tops camper is being a Timber Tops camper for the WHOLE SUMMER!

After a delicious breakfast of bagel bar, eggs, potatoes, and avocado toast, we packed a brown bag lunch and headed to the WATER PARK! WE LOVED IT! Such a great day for a special, out-of-camp, once-a-summer escape. Meanwhile, some of our counselors stayed back and did a deep clean of our bunks, rearranged anything needed and got ready for our new friends arriving tomorrow!

Tonight is one of the best evening programs of the summer: SOCK IT TO ME! The entire camp is split into a red and white team, and we play a huge capture-the-flag-esque game around camp. It’s hard to explain. One of those “ya had to be there” kind of things! There’s something special about being a part of this full-season, one-night only club!

We are having a blast today and can’t wait to welcome our second session campers tomorrow. Never a dull moment in Greeley! To our first-session sisters, we miss you already. Counting down the days until we see you back here, at home in Greeley, next summer.


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