Heat Wave (Cue Martha and the Vandellas)!

It’s been a hot one but a great one down the winding road!

The morning started off with business as usual! Egg sandwiches, fruit salad and a special treat: a choice of a doughnut or an apple pastry- yum! We ran, we jumped, we did aerobics with Mike, we learned to start a fire, we high and low zipped, we mountain biked. So much to do, so little time in one Greeley morning! All the while, our maintenance crew had put up sprinklers around camp, and by lunchtime we were wet and beating the heat!

This afternoon, after chants of “ole, ole we want pool day” in the dining hall (spoiler alert: we would have called it anyway), we announced that the afternoon would be split between the lake and the pool! First, the juniors started at the lake. They swam, they boated, they played on wibits galore, and then they headed to the pool for pool games! The seniors did the reverse.

For evening program tonight, it’s Minute to Win It for juniors, and a social for seniors! It’s going to be a great night at camp, but aren’t they all?!

P.S. The Visiting Day tent went up today…You know what that means…FULL SEASON CAMPER VISITING DAY! SUNDAY! WE CANNOT WAIT! Second session campers have good news too: they’re going to see THE LION KING! Wow, what a weekend it’ll be!

P.P.S. Have you seen our WEEK 4 video?! Check it out now! 

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