If Only Every Monday Could be a Camp Monday!

Good afternoon, friends!

It’s been a great day down the winding road at Camp Timber Tops. This morning started off as a particularly gorgeous one, a breezy, beautiful 75 degrees. Perfect for tennis matches, a canoe trip out on the Delaware, lacrosse and field hockey clinics, practice for the second session show (a Broadway review!), and cooking up a storm in outdoor cooking…

Speaking of storms, by lunchtime, the storm clouds rolled in, and we enjoyed our quesadillas and burritos with salsa, guacamole, and a whole lot of pitter pattering on the dining hall rooftops! By rest hour, the skies had really opened up and our day went from business as usual to a letter writing party in the dining hall/Lip Sync practice in the bunks for juniors (Lip Sync is tonight!), and an extended rest and trip packing party for seniors.

That’s right, a trip packing party! Tomorrow morning, our 10th graders leave for a trip to Montreal (yup, CANADA! COOL!), and our 9th graders leave for a trip to New England! It’s an extra special week in Greeley and beyond. Stay tuned for more tomorrow. For now, we’re off to sing in the rain (no, really)!


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