Olympics 2018: Day 2!

Follow along! Today is a gorgeous, sunny day in Greeley. It’s perfect this morning, and this afternoon is going to get a little warmer, but it’s good timing since this afternoon is our Olympic Swim Meet! Yes, there’s the regular ol’ butterfly, sidestroke and more, but we’ll also have wacky events too and plenty of opportunity for anyone interested to jump in and cool off. This morning we’re competing in athletic events all while practicing our song, cheer, and finalizing team banners for tonight’s closing ceremonies! The spirit and sportsmanship at CTT shines through every day, but Olympic Days truly bring out the best in us here down the winding road. We hope you enjoy following along from home, folks! By tonight it’ll be DOWN WITH OLYMPIC DAYS, UP WITH CTT! And tomorrow morning we’ll sleep in. Yeeeehaaa! Life is good at camp.


7:45 Wakeup by Alder!

8:10 Junior Breakfast/Senior Clean-Up

8:40 Line-Up

8:50 Senior Breakfast/Junior Clean-Up

9:15 Team captains meet with the Head Staff at the Dining Hall

9:30 Team Meetings

10:00 Athletic Events

Softball (upper field), basketball (basketball court) GaGa (Gaga courts)

Kickball (upper field), newcombe (lower court), soccer (upper field), field hockey (upper field)

11:30 Team Meetings

12:10 Campus Clean Up

LUNCH – (12:30 Juniors/ 1:00 Seniors)

2:00 Team Meetings

2:30 Swim Meet

4:00 Dodgeball – upper tennis courts

4:30 Showers


5:30 – Juniors

6:00 – Line-Up

6:10 – Seniors

6:40 Team practice – final preparation

7:30 Closing Ceremonies  (Song, cheer and banner)

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