Random Acts of Kindness Day

At Timber Tops, there’s a corner reminding us to be kind: The Kindness Corner! But it shouldn’t take a corner or a special day during the year for us to look out for each other and constantly strive to display random acts of kindness with our summer sisters, our friends at home, our family or the world! The are so many ways we can randomly show acts of kindness today and every day, in every season. Some ideas we have today are: open a door for someone and make her day; pick up trash on your street or at the playground and help the earth; offer to carry some groceries in with your parents and spare them an extra trip to the car; sit next to someone who is alone to remind him or her that we’re all in this together! The BEST thing about camp is the people, you. Tell us how you’re celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day today and every day!

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