It’s trip week here at CTT!

After Visiting Day weekend each year, our senior and hi-senior campers (7th-10th graders) head out into to world for a change of scenery, and beautiful scenery we must add! Today, our 9th and 10th graders left for their three-day, two-night adventures. 9th graders set out for New England with stops in Boston, Portland, and Newport. Our 10th graders left for three days in Montreal!

Tomorrow, our 7th and 8th graders leave us for a night too! 7th graders set out for Lake George and Cooperstown, NY, and 8th graders are off to Burlington, Vermont! Not a bad few days on the road for these Timber Tops girls! Did we mention that we go with the boys at Owego? We go with the boys of Lake Owego!

So, today 8th graders ruled the roost with regular scheduled programming at camp.

Tomorrow? JUNIORS RULE! Stay tuned for updated info from JUNIOR DOMINATION tomorrow at CTT. It’s a super special day down the winding road!


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