Ultimate Frisbee, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Senior Photos and More!

We’re so busy at camp that it’s often hard to express just how much is actually going on in a day. Running, and beginners jogging is more popular than ever this year, and many of our girls started the day with a quiet trip down the winding road.

(It’s an even better wakeup than morning coffee.)

A morning run at CTT!

In addition to our regularly scheduled activities yesterday (though regular is an understatement), we also held two special programs, a chess clinic and an Ultimate Frisbee clinic with a Major League Ultimate team, the Philadelphia Spinners!

Ultimate Frisbee!

Down in Drama, the cast list went up for our second play of the summer, ANNIE!

Our Senior Media Class shared their gorgeous photography and made us take a moment from the action to stop and smell the daisies, to look out and appreciate the beauty of Lake Selma.

Sophia and Marlee sig Lake flag pole SONY DSC

And the icing on the cake? Last night, we gave every camper a homemade ice cream sandwich. They were so delicious that Bunk Birch wrote a thank you note to Alan the Baker which he very much appreciated. Hey, we don’t think many camp chefs get the credit they deserve! Thanks for noticing, Bunk Birch! Thanks, Alan the Baker!

Thanks, Alan the Baker! Love from Bunk Birch!

And what will today bring? Well, we can’t give away all of our secrets, but in keeping with bringing in the experts, let’s just say that tonight’s social with Lake Owego Camp will include lots of swinging our partners ’round and ’round!

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