A Note from Beth Mund!

Just when it seems like camp will never get here, March comes knocking! I am so excited to return this summer to Camp, and I have a little secret to share. My camp BFFL and I, Judy Silver will be sharing the role of Athletic Director! I am so excited to be working with Judy and all CTT campers on their fitness goals, athletic endeavors and team sports events. My mind has already been at work thinking up an exciting Olympics theme. Any suggestions? Having helped coach a basketball team this winter, I am so excited to help teach the athletic counselors all that I learned. With all my years participating and coaching athletics, and my own experiences as a camper, I cannot think of a better spot for the summer 2012. And it is not just athletics that I am excited about, “Friends, friends, friends—we will always be!” Yes, you guessed it. I cannot wait to see all the returning campers and counselors that I have missed over the year. And of course, who can resist grilled cheese sandwiches, canteen, and my favorite evening program, Escape from CTT. So, I guess I will have to wait another three months until camp, but until then, I will be Greeley Dreaming on such a winters day!

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