And They’re Off!

Good afternoon, friends and followers!

It’s been another great day at camp. It started with a chilly, rainy morning and a LATE SLEEP because of it, but by after our pajama-clad breakfast the rain had stopped in time for a regular ol’ lineup…But wait! Lineup is never boring at Timber Tops, and today was no exception. Many of our juniors planned and executed a flash mob! That’s right, for the camp! At lineup! Mid-announcement! Things are crazy here in Greeley.

Speaking of crazy, though it turned into a beautiful, regularly scheduled day (filled with mountain biking, tennis, outdoor cooking galore), it felt a little different around these parts because our hi-seniors are off in the world, and 8th graders rule the roost! In the wee hours of morning, our 9th graders set out for Boston (they’re spending three days on a New England adventure), and our 10th graders headed north to Canada! They’ve already made it across the border! Pretty cool, eh???

Tonight our 7th and 8th graders will pack for THEIR trip which leaves in the morning (more on that to come), and our juniors are extra excited for tonight’s COOKIE BAKE! Dreams really do come true!

Tomorrow the seniors aren’t the only ones having all the fun. JUNIORS RULE at CTT while the trips are out for the next two days, and tomorrow they’ll experience SWITCH DAY! Just what is switch day, you ask? Stay tuned, folks!

That’s all for now from Greeley, PA! We hope you’re having as great a Tuesday as we are!

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