Busiest. Best. Brightest. Day. Ever.

Good evening, friends!

It was THE BUSIEST, BEST day of camp ever. It all started with a late sleep but there was nothing lazy about it. Before 9AM, we’d already packed up our 10th graders on a two-day adventure called the Timber Trek! Our girls will canoe, hike and camp out in an awesome adventure they’ll remember for a lifetime. But adventure isn’t reserved for our 10th graders alone. We also sent out two climbing trips today, one to Rick’s rock, and one to the Pine Forest adventure course! So many opportunities for climbing and fun!

Speaking of Pine Forest, today we competed against our sister camp in vollyball, newcomb, soccer, flag football, basketball and more, all at every age level. It was AWESOME! And let’s not forget that we hosted a gymnastics meet! Yes! A gymnastics meet with 4 other camps all here at CTT!

Throw in horseback riding, waterskiing, a Top Cooks trip and you’ve got yourself one of our busiest days of camp yet! And those are all just OPTIONAL events that took place at camp today. Many of us went on with our day just as planned, and it was a perfect day to play practice, mountain bike, Zumba, jewelry make, Gaga, and so much more!

Tonight, it’s “Are You Smarter Than the Head Staff,” a new evening program which will surely become a fast favorite.

Are you tired just reading about our day of fun? We hope not, because there’s so much more in store this week.

Have a great night, folks!


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