Hooray for Regular Schedule!

Special days at camp are always AWESOME, but something amazing happened today: we had a FULL DAY of regular schedule! Just plain ol’ camp!

The skies were blue (okay, well blue enough), and it didn’t rain at all during our activity periods. Campers learned to canoe at the lake, instructional swim went according to plan, the USTA tennis tournament was a success (hey, CTT got second place!), and campers biked, jogged, cooked, danced, zumba-ed, and sang galore ALL DAY! The rain has been so wacky, and we love special rainy day programs so much that we didn’t even realize what was happening till the day was almost done. We just enjoyed a plain ol’ day at camp. And ya know what? A plain old day at camp is the BEST kind of day. We’re savoring every moment.

It's a Beautiful Day at CTT

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