Visiting Day/Movie Trip and now TIMBERWEEN!

It was warm, but it was GREAT! We loved having so many parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and special friends at camp today. Thanks to so many of our wonderful CTT families for making the day so special! We love seeing you here in Greeley!

And our second session campers had a great trip out of camp! They saw the new Lion King and went bowling (they left before parents arrived and just got back after they’d already departed)! Now we’re back together as one for an awesome and distracting, much anticipated, night of TIMBERWEEN! It’s like Halloween but at Timber Tops! In July! We dress up, we have a costume parade, we trick or treat…Hey, we’ve gotta do something with all of this junk!

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It’s been a warm, wonderful day here in Greeley! And though, YES, it’s hot, we can bet it’s probably a lot cooler than wherever you’re reading this blog from! It hit 90 today, the warmest it’s been this summer, but we’re staying hydrating, jumping through sprinklers, swimming, boating, and making sure to take rests in the shade and in the air conditioned dining hall. And when the CAs woke us up this morning they declared it SUPER SOAKER SATURDAY! Another way to stay cool!

In addition to regular activities, we’re also in the midst of Jellybeans (and Big/Lil Sisters for new campers who just arrived). New campers are all given big sisters, CAs (10th graders) who leave little sisters notes and treats and become a special, older camp friend and guide. CAs love having little sisters! But what about the rest of us?! Do not fear, we’re all in it together in a special secret-admirer-type buddy program called Jellybeans! Every single camper in camp received a Jelly Bean. In other words, you are both a Jelly Bean, and you’re someone else’s Jelly Bean! A Jelly Bean is a special friend who, in the second half of the summer, leaves little anonymous notes and homemade gifts and trinkets for her Jellybean to make her feel valued and loved and integral to our CTT community. We’ll all meet our Jellybeans at tonight’s Jellybean campfire on the shores of Lake Selma! Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold!

We’ve been excited all day for tonight’s Jellybean campfire, and it’s going to be awesome! Imagine jellybeans for everyone, the entire camp connecting in one big chain, each jellybean to each other, and a special campfire guest appearance by Ted Weinstein (the director of CTT for 40 summers, now a CTT grandparent). Ask your camper about the Jellybean campfire. It’s sure to be a hit!

And tomorrow: VISITING DAY for full-season campers. While our half-session campers head out for a day of air-conditioned fun  (lunch, treats, new Lion King movie and bowling if there’s time!), full-season campers will enjoy their day as a family down the winding road! We CANNOT WAIT to welcome you from 11:30AM-3PM tomorrow, moms and dads (and friends and family). The tent is up! Remember to register online or under the tent, and be sure to pick up your special Visiting Day surprise there as well (it’s an EXTRA good one)! OH! And parents who have a child at Lake Owego Camp: remember that your children will be waiting for you AT TIMBER TOPS! And if you have more than one daughter at CTT, your daughters will be waiting in your eldest camper’s bunk!

Aside from Visiting Day, tomorrow’s most highly anticipated event is (drum roll, please)…TIMBERWEEN! Stay tuned!

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Heat Wave (Cue Martha and the Vandellas)!

It’s been a hot one but a great one down the winding road!

The morning started off with business as usual! Egg sandwiches, fruit salad and a special treat: a choice of a doughnut or an apple pastry- yum! We ran, we jumped, we did aerobics with Mike, we learned to start a fire, we high and low zipped, we mountain biked. So much to do, so little time in one Greeley morning! All the while, our maintenance crew had put up sprinklers around camp, and by lunchtime we were wet and beating the heat!

This afternoon, after chants of “ole, ole we want pool day” in the dining hall (spoiler alert: we would have called it anyway), we announced that the afternoon would be split between the lake and the pool! First, the juniors started at the lake. They swam, they boated, they played on wibits galore, and then they headed to the pool for pool games! The seniors did the reverse.

For evening program tonight, it’s Minute to Win It for juniors, and a social for seniors! It’s going to be a great night at camp, but aren’t they all?!

P.S. The Visiting Day tent went up today…You know what that means…FULL SEASON CAMPER VISITING DAY! SUNDAY! WE CANNOT WAIT! Second session campers have good news too: they’re going to see THE LION KING! Wow, what a weekend it’ll be!

P.P.S. Have you seen our WEEK 4 video?! Check it out now! 

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From Wet to Wonderful, A Day in the Life at CTT!

Good afternoon, friends!

What started as a wet day became a wonderful one here at CTT! It rained through the night, and though morning still brought a few drizzles, it held out enough so that activities could go on as planned all day! Hooray! It was still wet, though, so though we’d ordinarily eat in our grove on Thursdays, we enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, beans, corn and all the fixin’s inside the dining hall. But don’t fret! We sang, we cheered, we celebrated birthdays, we danced…Mealtimes are great times here at Timber Tops.

And activities were in full swing! On the lake, on the fields, on the courts it was a great Greeley day. Highlights included impressive play try-outs (our second session show will be a Broadway review!), energy balls in cooking (oats, soynut butter and more – yum!), basketball and softball clinics, archery galore, and boating out to the stream on Lake Selma! Not to mention water games in the pools, back bends in gymnastics, so much fitness fun and more! In short, it was a pretty perfect day, despite the overcast sky.

Tonight the juniors art participating in Adventure Challenge on the ropes course, and seniors will be doing some team-building activities! Oh! We took bunk photos! Stay tuned for photos uploaded to CampMinder of your daughter’s bunk!

Have a great night, folks!

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Second Session 2019, Starting NOW!

They’re here! It’s happening! Second session is in full swing! We are SO excited to welcome and welcome back our CTT sisters. And it’s been a beautiful  day to do so.

The NY, PA, and MD bus arrived midday, and cars filled with excited campers trickled in throughout the morning as well. By bedtime tonight we’ll even have three Chinese campers with us at camp, two are returning from last summer, and their bunk mates are beyond excited to welcome their summer sisters back to Greeley!

Lunchtime today was filled with roaring cheers and songs, welcoming our second session campers! And then, health checks with our nurses and friends from Lice Be Gone! Woohoo! This afternoon we headed down to the lake for a LAKE PARTY! S’more making (yum), boating, swimming and ice breakers, of course, made for an awesome afternoon! Oh, and our seniors chose their schedules, and they look good to us!

Tonight, it’s the staff show! We’ll sing and dance and laugh the night away as one whole camp. Wooohooo! The fun never stops under the Greeley sky, folks! Tune in to tomorrow’s Timber Talk for more from down the winding road!

P.S. Would you believe these brand new campers arrived this morning? They look pretty comfortable to us!

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We were so sad to say goodbye to our half-season campers this morning that we had to get out and do something special: THE WATER PARK! And it was a perfect day for it!  When it’s sunny (and it was!), we spend this day at a water park, and though we like to keep things campy at CTT, this once-a-summer outing is always just what the doctor ordered. It recharges our batteries, lifts our spirits, distracts us a little and gets us even more excited for tomorrow: welcoming new campers!

But let’s back up for a minute. There are over 200 campers still here for the full summer, what’s now known as the “FULL SUMMER CLUB!” Every camper arrived back at camp to specially made… TIMBER TOPS CROC CHARMS (otherwise known as Jibitz)! 5 new charms, CTT logo,  #10for2, a heart with “Camp” written inside, CTT, and a 18425 charm will adorn the crocs of everyone in our full summer club. This Timber Tops swag is as good as it gets! And that’s not all! Dinner is extra special tonight too! Our kitchen staff made us a delicious dinner that started with yummy mozzarella sticks and other party appetizers and it’ll end with a Full Summer Club dessert buffet! To say it was a super special day is an understatement, and tonight will be even better. For evening program it’s SOCK IT TO ME! A full-camp, active,  full-season only, all-time favorite camp evening program!

We should mention that while our campers are out living the good life, our cleaning crew, maintenance, and support staff are cleaning and changing over camp to fully prepare for the second half of summer: starting NOW!

It’s all good under the Greeley sky! Second session campers: sleep well. Your summer is just getting started, and we can’t wait to welcome you with open arms. We are so ready!

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Wishing Well

Well, folks, it’s that time. Time to pack up and say goodbye to our wonderful first-session campers. We just cannot believe how fast this first half of our season has flown. We’re sure that your first-session camper will be thrilled to see you, but we’re also pretty sure that she’s feeling sad to leave this magical place down the winding road. Thank you for lending your first-session campers to us for the summer.

Today is an unusual one. It’s packing for for those first session campers, followed by a lake extravaganza,  a gymnastics show and a dance show too. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase all of the amazing things we’ve learned in this short first half of summer. We already miss our first-session campers! It just won’t be the same without them.

Tonight, we’ll have our official first-session sendoff evening program. “Wishing Well,” down the winding road into camp, is an evening program where those leaving tomorrow will line Mitchell Creek, penny in hand, and throw their penny over their shoulder, into the creek, making a wish for next summer. The rest of us stand on the other side and watch. We then walk back down the path together, singing camp songs, one final time. Tonight is a beautiful, emotional night at camp.

Tomorrow? We wave goodbye to our first-session campers and promptly head off to the water park for some distracting, full-season, once-a-summer camp fun (and some of our staff will stay back to clean up and make camp look as good as new)! And tomorrow night, the FULL SUMMER CLUB (of over 200 campers) rules! What’ that, you ask? You’ll have to wait and see!

PS- Today was a “day off” for our oldest campers. We send them out of camp to lunch and the movies! It’s hard-earned, after a session of leading the camp in sportsmanship and fun! It’s good to be a CA!

PPS- Last night’s play, The Little Mermaid was SO AWESOME! We think the best show ever!


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Brother/Sister Visitation! A Horse Show! The Little Mermaid!

It’s been another great day at camp, sadly our last day of regular schedule this session. SAY IT AIN’T SO! Girls were so happy on the fields, courts, in the lake, in the pool, in the trees…It was just one of those easy, breezy, beautiful camp days.

And it was brother/sister visitation with boys at Lake Owego, we ate chicken tenders for lunch (always a favorite around here), and those in our riding program participated in a horse show! Awesome!

But the stars will be shining bright tonight, because Timber Tops presents the world premiere of THE LITTLE MERMAID! Live, at the Timber Theater! We cannot wait to see our summer sisters perform for us under the Greeley sky. And tomorrow? It’s first session packing day…NOOOOOOO. Chants of “we’re not leaving” fill the air.

Folks, if you haven’t already done so, check out CampMinder videos for a “CTT News” story (also posted on Facebook), and some videos from our music and vocal classes! Our girls are on fire! And this summer is FLYING!

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Old Timers & New Timers!

It’s been a great and busy day at camp, friends! Those involved in our play, The Little Mermaid, practiced in the theater, explorers jumped and swam and cooked and zipped during their pay day, hey we even found a turtle down by the lake! But the most exciting part of our day is still to come. Tonight’s evening program is OLD TIMERS/NEW TIMERS!

OLD TIMERS CLUB IS THE BEST! First, let us assure you that new timers have a fun-filled, active, awesome party of their own on the upper field, complete with a delicious snack, so fear not, moms and dads. They don’t even know what they’re missing. But, here’s the truth: Timber Tops girls REALLY look forward to being Old Timers (which is what we call campers who’ve been at camp for 3 or more years).

The old timers party starts with a walk to the 10-year tree where 10-year old timers are inducted onto the tree by our head staff members. This year we even have a certain special mother/daughter pair! At the 10 year tree, each person is honored and spoken about. It’s a great and emotional ceremony where Timber Tops’ finest are given a moment in the spotlight.

Next? ICE CREAM PARTY TIME! Old timer campers AND counselors storm the dining hall, sit by year at camp, and basically sing every single camp song and cheer (including past Olympic and Pioneer Day songs) in recent (and not so recent) memory. They’re called up to the sundae bar by year at camp (longest at camp goes first and eats sundaes off of plates, naturally), and they sing into the wee hours of the night. Is there any other Timber Tops way? OH! Old timers get a special gift too. And 8-year old timers get a special old timer’s shirt! And plaques! Old Timers get PLAQUES! We love a good tradition.

Life is good in Greeley!

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A 5K! Mac & Cheese! Canoe trips! An Overnight and SO MUCH MORE!

Good afternoon, folks!

It’s been another great, absolutely beautiful Timber Tops day. The weather? Sunny, breezy, 75 degree perfection. Breakfast? Funfetti pancakes. Lunch? Tuna melts, tomato soup, and mac & cheese. I mean…Life doesn’t get much better than this. Forget the rest of the activities! Just kidding!

First period this morning brought our annual Timber Tops 5K! So many campers participated, and it was awesome to watch campers young and old run down Lily Lake, down the winding road, up around Hughie Field and more! We saw CAs grabbing junior hands, counselors helping campers…It was awesome. And then it was back to regular programming.

Today’s also a day of all kinds of adventure! Canoe trips followed by an overnight campout. But first, a Friday night campfire! We also took sibling pictures of CTT (actual) sisters! We’ll take a second (and third!) generation photo after lineup tonight, so stay tuned.

Did you see it? We posted our WEEK 3 video! 

In short, all is well at camp! Have a great night!

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