A Horse Show, the Polar Bear Club, an Aquathon+ Hercules!

If you think we’re slowing down in these last days of first session, you haven’t yet heard about our day! Today was a beautiful day of regular schedule at camp, though we have a few extraordinary highlights we’d like to share.

The Horse Show!

Today was our first-session horse show! All campers who participate in our (optional) riding program at camp headed to the ranch for an awesome morning of fun and friendly competition. The girls earned ribbons and horse shoes and reflected on what has been a great few weeks of riding at camp. Oh, and we had a new ring at the ranch this year. Who knew?!

The Polar Bear Club

For the past three mornings, 180 of our campers (yup, you read that right, over half of the girls at Camp Timber Tops) have woken up at dawn, quietly walked down to Lake Selma, jumped into the lake, sang three songs, and run back up to the dining hall for hot chocolate all before the rest of camp rises. If you do this three days in a row, you are an official Camp Timber Tops Polar Bear. And you get a t-shirt to prove it. Timber Tops girls are spirited and tough and awesome!

The Aquathon

Speaking of tough and awesome, we held an Aquathon today at camp! The Aquathon is our version of a triathlon which was SO popular during Olympics that we had to do it again to accommodate all who wished to participate.  And guess what? The JUNIORS were the ones who wanted to do it for themselves. Awesome, girls!


Tonight is our camp play! Hercules! We are so proud of the many juniors and seniors who have dedicated so much time and effort to the show. Our drama staff has been wonderful this year as well, and we thank them for producing what we know will go down in the books as one of our best camp plays ever! If you have a daughter in Hercules, she is a star tonight in Greeley! (And she gets to go to a CAST PARTY!)

Good night from camp, parents. Tomorrow will bring a dance show, a gymnastics show, wishing well, and packing for our first-session campers. We can’t quite believe it! Say it ain’t so!


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