As We Say Our Last Goodnight

It’s been an amazing summer in Greeley, truly one of the greatest we can remember, but everything about today was bittersweet. From packing, to the dance show, to the our award ceremonies, camp video, and wishing boats. Even our lineup dance tonight, though probably our most spirited of the summer, only reminded us of how much we love camp, how much we love each other, how much we love this escape down the winding road. It’s going to be so hard to leave tomorrow.

Tonight during wishing boats, while we sit around the campfire, waiting for our turn to walk towards Lake Selma and light our candle, we will cherish each and every one of these final moments. No, camp isn’t perfect, but it’s just about as good as it gets. Together, we’ll share a memory and make a wish for next summer.

So when homework starts to pile up, when a History test seems too hard or when a winter day is getting you down, remember this: Timber Tops is more than just a place, it’s more than a row of bunks or a new activity or even a campfire. Timber Tops is a place in your heart. You can channel it! It might be envisioning yourself stargazing on Hughie Field, it might be reaching out to a camp friend, it might be humming a camp song that gets you through the day. Do it! Imagine, reach out, hum, daydream. Timber Tops is a part of you.

Take the independence you’ve learned and run with it! Do great things! Remember the confidence you feel in this moment, and let it help you conquer the world. Cherish the friendships you’ve made and call upon them when the going gets tough! We can’t wait until we’re back in Greeley next summer. In fact, we’re already starting our countdown.

Until then, with many thanks, appreciation and love…

Goodnight, ladies. Goodnight, ladies. Goodnight, ladies. It’s time to say goodnight.

PS- Timber Tops girls: remember to thank your parents for the gift of camp. We think it’s the greatest gift there is, and we know you think so too. See. They did get something right.


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