Camp in Action!

It’s a beautiful day at Camp Timber Tops! Yes, it’s warm, but it’s super shaded at camp. We’re staying hydrated, we’re wearing sunscreen, and we’re enjoying being up in the mountains where, on average, it’s 10 degrees cooler than it is where you probably sit reading this!

So many exciting happenings around camp. Horseback riding? Check! Waterskiing? Check! Top Cooks trip? Check! Tennis lessons? Check! 9th graders beginning banquet preparations? Check! Play tryouts? Check! Grove cookout lunch? Check!

So much to do in a day!

Yoga, as always, was hopping, and juniors rocked the adventure course with the low zipline and more. Kayaking was a popular choice activity, and water games looked extra fun. So did gymnastics! The truth is, one activity looked even better than the next!

So much of camp is fun, but we think that what happens at night around here is always the icing on the cake. Tonight? JUNIOR ADVENTURE CHALLENGE (a great team building exercise), Lo-Senior PANIC (a Timber Tops all-time favorite), and a major HI-SENIOR BASKETBALL NIGHT GAME against the girls at Pine Forest Camp! That’s right, tonight, our hi-seniors will head over to PFC for some healthy CTT/PFC competition. RED AND WHITE FOREVER!

Another beautiful day in downtown Greeley! Tune in tomorrow for more from down the winding road!


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