From Wet to Wonderful, A Day in the Life at CTT!

Good afternoon, friends!

What started as a wet day became a wonderful one here at CTT! It rained through the night, and though morning still brought a few drizzles, it held out enough so that activities could go on as planned all day! Hooray! It was still wet, though, so though we’d ordinarily eat in our grove on Thursdays, we enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, beans, corn and all the fixin’s inside the dining hall. But don’t fret! We sang, we cheered, we celebrated birthdays, we danced…Mealtimes are great times here at Timber Tops.

And activities were in full swing! On the lake, on the fields, on the courts it was a great Greeley day. Highlights included impressive play try-outs (our second session show will be a Broadway review!), energy balls in cooking (oats, soynut butter and more – yum!), basketball and softball clinics, archery galore, and boating out to the stream on Lake Selma! Not to mention water games in the pools, back bends in gymnastics, so much fitness fun and more! In short, it was a pretty perfect day, despite the overcast sky.

Tonight the juniors art participating in Adventure Challenge on the ropes course, and seniors will be doing some team-building activities! Oh! We took bunk photos! Stay tuned for photos uploaded to CampMinder of your daughter’s bunk!

Have a great night, folks!

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