July 5th in Greeley, PA!

It’s been another beautiful day in downtown Greeley! Even before morning lineup, many had already experienced a highlight of the day: THE POLAR BEAR CLUB! This exclusive club is reserved for Timber Tops girls who opt into waking up at dawn, sneaking down to the lake (with counselors and lifeguards), jumping into the water, singing three songs, and jumping out of the lake and into the dining hall for hot chocolate before the rest of the camp is awake! Oh, and did we mention you have to do it three days in a row? You have to do it three days in a row. Who would DO such a thing, you ask? Oh, only 50% of our campers. We’re telling you: the girls at Timber Tops are THE BEST! We couldn’t have a more spirited, excited group of girls if we tried. They just love camp, and there’s nothing campier than the Polar Bear Club! For their efforts, and in addition to bragging rights, the Polar Bear Club members get their very own Polar Bear Club t-shirt. Amazing!

In addition to regular programming today, we also had three inter-camp games: 11 and under soccer lost to Pine Forest in a heated match. Great effort put out by all! 13 and under basketball beat Pine Forest as did 15 and under Lacrosse! You go, girls! Oh, and a trip to the Culinary Institute of America for our Top Cooks sounded like it was a huge, delicious success.

Tonight, in what might just be one of the most highly anticipated Junior nights of the summer, it’s JUNIOR LIP SYNC! Fear not, we’ll post a video recap ASAP, so you won’t miss a thing, moms and dads! So much to do, so little time. That’s all for tonight, folks! Tomorrow? We’ve got one word for you:  COSTA’S! You won’t want to miss our Thursday edition!

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