Olympics 2016! Legends of the World: Mythical Creatures and Urban Legends!


Legends of the World: Mythical Creatures and Urban Legends

We’re sure you’ve heard by not but guess what…It’s OLYMPICS! Last night, after an AMAZING Cabaret by the 8th graders (the theme was CTT Airlines! It was one of the best ever!), the whole camp couldn’t believe their eyes: SASQUATCH ran through Cabaret and down towards Lake Selma! Sasquatch?! How could that be! There’s no such thing! Or is there? As the entire camp ran and shouted and chanted, they came upon yet ANOTHER mythical creature: a leprechaun! In fact, two dancing Maller leprechauns on Missy’s Gathering in Junior village! How could it be!? So we continued further on only to find a beautiful, mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes in the Olympic Grove! AMAZING! Just when we thought we must be dreaming, campers made it down to Lake Selma only to discover that we’d been transported to Loch Ness in Scotland. The Loch Ness monster?! Here in Greeley!? We couldn’t believe our eyes. As Missy, Andy, and Anna read about each team and theme on the beach, as head staff acted out skits about each country and character, as they introduced captains, we were still cheering! We are so happy that Olympics is finally here! We’ve been waiting all summer! It’s the best days in the best place!

Loch Ness Monster in Lake Selma!?

Loch Ness Monster in Lake Selma!?

The Olympic Teams

Red Canada Sasquatch
Green Ireland Leprechaun
Yellow Greece Phoenix
Blue Scotland Loch Ness Monster


As members of the Timber Tops community and the team I am representing, I pledge to:

1. Uphold the bonds of good sportsmanship throughout all activities;

2. Respect my fellow teammates, the representatives of other nations, and the judges and officials;

3. Obey all directions as issued by the authorities of this Olympics;

4. Promote a common interest and friendship among all participants of this Olympics, and;

5. Put forth the greatest effort to make the 2016 Timber Tops Olympics the best ever!

Our 2016 Olympic Captains!

Our 2016 Olympic Captains!



  • A note: in addition to regularly scheduled activities, each team get points for sportsmanship, cheering, staying hydrated, and picking up trash around camp!

7:45 Olympic wake-up by Tamanu
8:10 Junior Breakfast/Senior Clean-Up
8:40 Line-Up
8:50 Senior Breakfast/Junior Clean-Up
9:15 Team captains meet with the Head Staff at the Dining Hall
9:30 Team Meetings

10:00 Track Meet

1____________________ starts at the flagpole and runs to the basketball court on the road and passes the bandana to 2____________________ who takes a basketball and makes a lay up then runs to the tennis courts and passes to 3____________________ who serves 3 balls in and passes to 4____________________ who runs to upper field and passes to 5_________________(Jr.)___ who does dizzy-lizzy 10 times and runs to the start of the obstacle course on the upper field and passes to 6_____________(Jr.)_______ who runs through hula hoops and passes to 7____________________ who runs over hurdles and passes to 8____________________ who runs a lap and passes to 9___________________ who runs to gymnastics pavilion and passes to 10____________________ who walks across beam, goes over horse, over low bar and passes to 11____________________ who runs to adventure course and passes to 12_____________(Jr.)_______ who climbs the net, grabs the bandana, climbs down and passes to 13____________________ who runs to the dining hall and recites a poem already memorized and passes to 14________________(Jr.)____ who runs to kitchen window, makes a Soy Nut and Jelly sandwich and feeds it to 15_______________(Jr.)___ who passes to 16____________________ who runs to the dumpster and unrolls a roll of toilet paper into dumpster and passes to 17_________________(Jr.)___ who kicks a kickball to infirmary and passes to 18_______________(Jr.)_____ who hops to bunk Oak with the kickball between her legs and passes to 19____________________ who makes a bed (2 sheets, 2 blankets, 1 jelly-roll, 1 pillow and case) and passes to 20____________________ who runs to Lake Selma and passes to 21____________(Jr.)________ who dresses 20 with pants, shirt, socks, shoes, all zipped, buttoned and tied and passes to 22_______________(Jr.)_____ who removes clothes from 20 and takes them to softball area and passes to 23____________________ who runs sidestep around bases and passes to 24____________________ who hits a softball out of the infield, retrieves it, brings it back to home plate and passes to 25____________________ who runs to boats with a tennis ball under each elbow and passes to 26____________________ who canoes around wibit slide and passes to 27____________________ who starts on shore and swims to float and back and passes to 28__________________ who runs from lake to bunk Oak and passes to 29____________(Jr.)______ who eats 10 marshmallows and passes to 30____________________ who runs from Oak to Hi Senior Teen Canteen and colors a picture of a house, tree, and car and passes to 31________________(Jr.)____ who walks with hands around ankles to the Lily Lane sign in front of the Infirmary and passes to 32____________________ who runs to fitness pavilion on the road and passes to 33_________________(Jr.)___ who does 5 forward rolls and runs to upper field and passes to 34____________________ who crab walks around cone and back passes to 35, 36________________(Jr.)____ who wheelbarrow around cone and pass to 37____________________ who runs to basketball court and dribbles ball across court, makes two foul shots and passes to 38____________________ who runs to lower volleyball court on the road and passes to 39____________________ who serves 5 balls over the net an in bounds, retrieves all 5 back to shed and passes to 40____________________ who takes tennis ball on racket and runs to Oak and passes to 41____________________ who runs to Ted’s cabin and yells to Ted and passes to 42_______________(Jr.)_____ who runs into dining hall and copies a postcard and puts it in the mailbox and passes to 43____________________ who runs to Grove steps and ties knots three times (ties one, then unties it – square knots) and passes to 44,45____________________ who carry 46_______________(Jr.)_____ in a blanket to the flagpole. 46 must touch the bandana to the flagpole.


11:00 Individual Activities
Tennis Doubles (Srs upper courts, Jrs Lower Courts)
Softball Throw (upper field)
Mile Run (upper field)
Tug of War (upper field)
3 Legged Race (upper field)
Suitcase Relay (upper field)
Monkey (upper field)

12:30 LUNCH (Juniors)
1:00 LUNCH (Seniors)
2:00 Team Meetings
Organize banner, cheers, and song committees!


2:30 Waterfront Competition at Lake Selma – All Lifeguards on
4:00 Triathlon ALL TO THE LAKE
4:30 Showers



DINNER – SILENT DINNER!!! Save your voice! No cheering! But we dare you not to laugh!
5:50 – Juniors
6:20 – Line-Up
6:30 – Seniors



7:00 Team Meetings
7:30 Evening Shindig (Outdoor Theater)!
Jr. Team Lip Sync, The UM Game, + Paper Bag Dramatics!
9:30 Return to bunks! Time for sleep! We’ve got another busy day tomorrow!

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