Sun, Rain, and Whole Lotta Challah!

It was a beautiful morning at camp. Beautiful enough to celebrate birthdays at lineup, enjoy grove breakfast, and dance our favorite camp dance. Here it is in case you missed it!

We set out for greatness this morning, and rain didn’t entirely rain on our parade but it certainly tried! Our youngest campers, Bunks Oak and Hickory visited the New Jersey Y camp for a “play day!” The girls played kickball and had a blast! Everyone was a winner! The rain held out!

And soccer. It might be our thing this year because WE WON THE 4-CAMP SOCCER TOURNAMENT! WOOHOO! Though sportsmanship is more important than anything else, and though we love playing for the love of the game, it sure feels nice to win!

Our USTA tennis tournament was awesome! Though stretched over two days because of the rain yesterday, we did so well! We couldn’t be prouder of our girls. We were the 16 yr old doubles champions (!!!!), and we were the runner-up in 12, 14, and 16 singles. Not too shabby at all! We have some truly great players among us.

And we can’t forget the gymnastics competition today! WE WERE RUNNERS UP against Pine Forest Camp, New Jersey Y Camp, and Canadensis! Way to go, girls! You were outstanding!

And now for the not-so-gret news…It did rain this afternoon starting at about 1PM. Our big swim meet was rained out! Boo! We will certainly update you once we’ve rescheduled.

A note: At CTT, anyone who wants to play plays. No try-outs. No ranked teams! It’s the Timber Tops way!

In other news today, it’s FRIDAY NIGHT! You know what that means! CHALLAH! Delicious dinner complete with matzoh ball soup! (Indoor) CAMPFIRE!

Happy weekend, parents, and all our love from down the winding road!


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