The Day After!

Last night was amazing. Our final Olympic Days ceremony was among our best ever. Yes, the songs and cheers and banners were extraordinary (these girls work HARD! Amazing!), but, more importantly, the feeling at the Outdoor Theater was one of love, happiness, spirit, sportsmanship and FUN! And guess what?! We had a TIE for 2nd and 3rd place! In 4th place was the YELLOW TEAM! In 3rd place was the BLUE AND GREEN TEAMS! In first place, the winners of Olympics 2016 was THE RED TEAM!

After the closing ceremonies of Olympics 2016, the entire camp traveled from the theater to our Olympic campfire to reunite as Camp Timber Tops. RED AND WHITE FOREVER!

We let our CAs sleep in today (they earned it!) and the rest of the camp enjoyed a great, normal day in Greeley. Pine Forest Camp came to play 11 and under basketball (we won!), 13 and under softball (we won!), 15 and under lacrosse (we ALMOST won)! It’s been warm but beautiful (thank you, dining hall air conditioning!), and we are making the most of these last normal days of first session. Can you believe it?! We can’t believe it!

Tonight our juniors have a cookie bake (you have no idea how excited they are!) while seniors play Name That Tune, and hi-seniors play Jukebox!

Tomorrow is Thursday again: late sleep, lazy day, Costa’s for seniors, special clinics and more! Stay tuned, parents!


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