The Pursuit of HAPPINESS: Happy 4th from CTT!

If you’ve ever spent even ONE summer at Camp Timber Tops, you know that July 4th is one of those camp days that’ll stay with you for the rest of your life. It is, by far, one of the BEST days of the summer. It’s one of those days we dream about in February when snow is falling and school feels like it’ll never end. Today is one of those days that embodies everything that’s right about camp, about summer, about childhood. It may sound corny, but it’s true! July 4th at CTT is the perfect day to exercise our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of complete, all-consuming, pure, unbridled HAPPINESS!

First, rewind to LATE last night when our 10th graders, our CAs, spent hours decorating the dining hall and flagpole area. They made hundreds of signs (“CTT loves America,” “Tamaru loves America,” Kanye loves America,” ”Merica!”) They decorate with streamers, they blow up balloons; it’s the REAL deal. It looked amazing! They were SO awesome! Our CAs this year are doing such a great job of leading the camp in spirit, and today was just the best example of their hard work so far. Our CAs were the last to bed, and then they decked themselves out in red, white and blue and woke up the whole camp first thing this morning!

But, before campers and counselors woke up, all of our international staff snuck away (on a bus organized by camp! Don’t worry!) to have breakfast together outside of camp and decorate themselves in their own country flags and colors. They were great sports! As they pulled back into camp, the CAs were waking up everyone clad in their 4th of July finest. And you should have seen our campers! They looked AMAZING! Great job, parents! Who knew that red, white and blue apparel could be as wacky as is was at camp this summer.

Lineup was filled with America-themed songs, CRAZY dancing and cheering, a Pledge of Allegiance for the books, and an ECSTATIC camp, ready for the best camp breakfast ever: Krispy Kremes (a CTT July 4th staple), chocolate chip pancakes, whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries (don’t worry, Mom, staples of avocado toast, yogurt, cereal, bagels, cottage cheese, hard-boiled eggs, granola, and oatmeal were there too, as always)!

After breakfast and cleanup, we split into Juniors and Seniors to play a crazy game of MONKEY! Ask your camper about it. It was SO much fun. Then, UP TO THE UPPER FIELD for our annual American vs. International counselor soccer game complete with furious dancing and cheering from our campers.

Then, time for GROVE LUNCH outside with foot-long hotdogs (whaaaat!), hamburgers, veggie burgers and all the fixin’s. The kitchen staff made it feel so festive with decorations and candy on all the picnic tables. We were on cloud nine!

As if the day hadn’t been awesome enough, after lunch brought our CARNIVAL! Lawn games and swimming were super fun in of themselves but then Circus Time rolled in and put up a HUGE inflatable obstacle course, a HUGE inflatable game called “wrecking ball,” an AMAZING counselor dunk tank (who doesn’t want to dunk her counselor!), and an ENORMOUS inflatable pool contraption all on the upper field. WE HAD THE BEST TIME! Oh, and have we mentioned today’s special snacks? A popcorn machine and root beer floats for all! It was a party all afternoon.

After an AWESOME and active day it’s time for our girls to shower and get ready for dinner. The Lake Owego boys come over for games and FIREWORKS later! That’s right, we have our very own, FIREWORKS show!

Whew. We’re exhausted just recounting the day! Thanks to everyone who made today such a celebration. IT. WAS. AMAZING. Maybe even the best July 4th ever. We hope yours was great too! Love from Greeley!


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