August!? What!? Say it Ain’t So!

Wow. This whole August 1st thing has us appreciating where we are and who we’re with even more than we normally do. Today it felt like we were singing a little louder, laughing a little harder, and doing our best to make each and every moment count. And it was a great day for diving into all things camp! There was so much to do!

This morning our Polar Bears headed out into Lake Selma and enjoyed their dip in the lake (with a side of hot chocolate and cookies) before the rest of us even opened our eyes. And though today was an S.F.A. (Supervised Free Activity) day, there were SO MANY THINGS to choose from, it felt even busier than usual. So much for a “lazy day!” This morning there were friendly hi-senior competitions happening against the boys of LOC! Our girls were INCREDIBLE, participating in soccer, basketball, lacrosse and tennis doubles. And we had the best time! And Owego wasn’t our only out-of-camp adventure today. We sent out another hiking trip to Raymonskill Falls and our hi-seniors got their turn at Costa’s!

In camp today, in addition to a delicious grove lunch, special activities were everywhere we looked! In cooking, “dirt cups” (more delicious than they sound) were a hit, in Zumba there was a Zumba dance-move competition (hey, we take our Zumba seriously around here), in fitness there was a grueling (but fun!) fitness challenge, and in mountain biking there was a “learn to ride a bike” workshop! So much to do, so little time!

Tonight, the seniors will enjoy a social with Lake Owego and the juniors will play a longtime camp favorite activity: jukebox!

Oh, and chants of “We want, we want, Pioneer Days! Pioneer Days”” have filled the air over the past few days. You may want to sleep with your shoes next to your beds, friends and followers. It (our version of Color War!) could happen any moment!

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Polar Bears, The Camper Scamper, Costa’s and So Much More!

As a surprise to no one, it was another GREAT and busy day at camp!

This morning, many of us began the day with a cool, 6:30AM dip in Lake Selma as part of THE POLAR BEAR CLUB! Our Polar Bears elected to wake up before the sun, jump into the lake, sing three songs, and run back to shore all for bragging rights, hot chocolate, cookies and, if they do it three days in a row, a Polar Bear Club t-shirt. We just think it’s amazing that the majority of our campers here opt to participate! SO many participated in the first half of the summer, the second half of the summer, or both!

Then, it was breakfast and our next happening: The Hughie and Selma Black Camper Scamper 5K! The Camper Scamper is a tradition, hosted by Pine Forest Camp, which includes PFC, LOC and CTT, all founded by Hughie and Selma Black! And we sent TWO BUSES packed with campers to race. Have we already said that Timber Tops girls are amazing in this post? Timber Tops girls are amazing! Some ran for bragging rights, others for fitness, hey some ran for the t-shirt (do you sense a theme?), but it was an awesome morning of spirit, fitness and fun. But aren’t they all!

And then Costa’s! That’s right, our juniors spent the morning at Costa’s! Our Seniors spent the afternoon! Why? Why not?! Ice cream, water slides, bumper boats, mini golf and so much more at our local family fun park was just what the doctor ordered.

All this amidst a continued regularly scheduled program made for a busy, happy day at camp (and just beyond)! To top it all off? Trips to Emily Island during general swim!

The fun never stops here at CTT!

Have a great night, folks!

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Timber Tops Tuesday!

Did you know that during the school year, many of our older campers use their social media to post #timbertopstuesday pictures of camp each Tuesday? Well, the real thing, Timber Tops Tuesdays at Camp Timber Tops, are the best Timber Tops Tuesdays of the year! And today was no different.

We started the morning off with a CTT favorite, eggs, French toast sticks, whipped cream, blueberries, and it only went up from there! This morning we hosted a friendly dance competition at our very own Timber Theater! Our dance team was phenomenal with both individual and group performances, and we’re so proud of each and every participant!

The rest of the day was business as usual around these parts, but we did have a few wilderness sightings: a friendly beaver in the creek, a toad at lineup, and a wild turkey far off in the woods! Hey, we’re in the mountains, alright! And speaking of mountains, our Timber Trek, the CA canoe/hiking/camping trip returned this evening, and they were absolutely amazing. We hope memories from their adventure will feel them with confidence. They can do anything!

The evening program tonight is twofold, and there’s a whole lot of excitement in the Greeley air. First, the final performances of our Timber Tops Idol from the other night! Sadly, a storm cut it short, so we’ll look forward to starting where we left off. Then, after that, it’s SENIOR LIP SYNC! We love a good Timber Tops lip sync! It’s going to be a great night of performances in Greeley. It’s good to be a Timber Tops girl!

That’s all, folks! Have a great night!

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Busiest. Best. Brightest. Day. Ever.

Good evening, friends!

It was THE BUSIEST, BEST day of camp ever. It all started with a late sleep but there was nothing lazy about it. Before 9AM, we’d already packed up our 10th graders on a two-day adventure called the Timber Trek! Our girls will canoe, hike and camp out in an awesome adventure they’ll remember for a lifetime. But adventure isn’t reserved for our 10th graders alone. We also sent out two climbing trips today, one to Rick’s rock, and one to the Pine Forest adventure course! So many opportunities for climbing and fun!

Speaking of Pine Forest, today we competed against our sister camp in vollyball, newcomb, soccer, flag football, basketball and more, all at every age level. It was AWESOME! And let’s not forget that we hosted a gymnastics meet! Yes! A gymnastics meet with 4 other camps all here at CTT!

Throw in horseback riding, waterskiing, a Top Cooks trip and you’ve got yourself one of our busiest days of camp yet! And those are all just OPTIONAL events that took place at camp today. Many of us went on with our day just as planned, and it was a perfect day to play practice, mountain bike, Zumba, jewelry make, Gaga, and so much more!

Tonight, it’s “Are You Smarter Than the Head Staff,” a new evening program which will surely become a fast favorite.

Are you tired just reading about our day of fun? We hope not, because there’s so much more in store this week.

Have a great night, folks!


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Sunday Funday at CTT!

Good evening, friends and followers!

Apologies for the nighttime edition of Timber Talk! This blogger was more than just blogging today, and the day got away from her! What a day! What a life down the winding road!

Where to begin! First, a note that tonight, live in Greeley, Pennsylvania, on the Timber Theater Stage is none other than Timber Tops Idol! Similar to the lesser known “American Idol,” there’s a vocal contestant from every age group, a few funny acts, and a whole lot of Timber Tops cheering for bunkmates and friends performing for all of us. Who will be the winner of Timber Tops Idol? Only time will tell! But it’s sure to be a great Greeley night. Anyway, this is just to say that today there was a whole lot of singing in the air to complement an already gorgeous, breezy, perfect CTT day.

But we’re not just singing down the winding road, friends. First thing this morning we sent girls out to a track meet that happens each summer at our local Wallenpaupack Area High School. It’s a serious track meet in an amazing venue with many other local camps in attendance and guess what?! We came in second place! Our girls were awesome! And it was great preparation for our upcoming 5K, the Hughie and Selma Black Camper Scamper, which takes place on Wednesday with our sister camps, Pine Forest and Lake Owego. You will be amazed by how many Timber Tops girls participate.

Speaking of participation, we’re looking forward to a day of inter-camp games tomorrow at CTT: basketball, vollyball, newcomb, soccer, lacrosse and so much more! We’re always asked what kind of camper goes to CTT, and though there’s no one kind of Timber Tops girl, of course, and though no one has to play, we love that so many of our girls feel comfortable enough to participate! They try new things! They play! Have we mentioned how fun it is here?

Other highlights today included lemon bars in cooking class, the high zip line in adventure, more of the ever-popular creek stomping, tie dying, paddleboard yoga, fishing, and our news team out in camp interviewing campers about the past week in the life of a CTT camper!

And the clincher? Tomorrow it’s late sleep! We’re tired but happy, friends and followers! It’s good to be a Timber Tops girl, especially when there are ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Good night, folks!

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Hi-Senior Spirit Night! (RED OUT!)

Good evening, folks! It’s been another beautiful day down the winding road. Pancakes with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast, biking (up Lily Lane) and belaying (in Arnie’s Adventure) and basketball (hey, we don’t have a name for our courts!) in the morning, chicken tenders and fries for lunch, and media (we made polaroid mobiles!), yoga (partner yoga!), play practice (rehearsals for our Broadway review!) and so much more all afternoon! Oh, and many of our second session campers (and our full season campers, of course) went CREEK STOMPING for the first time which is a beloved Timber Tops activity…Stomping and playing around in our very own Mitchell’s Creek! We also made s’mores on Emily Island in the middle of Lake Selma! SO cool! We are definitely keeping it campy today at CTT!

Today we also welcomed 16 happy Explorers for 24 hours of fun-filled camp, well, exploration, and we hope to see many of them back next summer! We’ve loved welcoming so many tours, play days and Explorers this summer and can’t wait for our final Explorer program next weekend!

But back to our CURRENT campers, tonight our juniors have a POOL PARTY in this perfect weather, seniors will play FOOD FACTOR, a Greeley favorite, and tonight we have a pretty major event happening under the Greeley sky: our Hi-Seniors are headed over to Pine Forest Camp for our annual CTT vs. PFC girls basketball game! It’ll be a “red out” with Timber Tops girls in all red and white. They’ve made signs and cheers and have planned dance-off moves…Camp spirit to the max.  It’s a highlight of every summer, and we have a good feeling about our odds! But at Timber Tops it’s never if we win or lose but how we play that counts. And how we cheer, of course!

Most importantly….

Week 5, the movie! It’s out! What are you waiting for?!

Have a great night, folks!

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Tonight: The Warm Fuzzy Campfire!

It’s been an awesome, late sleep, super-fun, regular ol’ day under the big blue Greeley sky. Since our seniors arrived home late last night, today was a late wakeup morning! Woohoo! And to celebrate we ate homemade blueberry muffins with our breakfast this morning. YUM. And it has been a truly beautiful day outside! The sun has been out, camp has been buzzing, and activities have been in full swing. We were so happy to be back in our groove, enjoying activities, back together where we belong! But make no mistake, our regular programming was sprinkled with extraordinary happenings too.

A Top Cooks trip went out, we participated in a multi-camp swim meet (which we dominated!), we won a basketball tournament (wooohoo!), we tried out for Timber Tops Idol, we prepared for a canoe trip leaving later this weekend, and banquet preparations were underway leading up to next week’s banquet. It’s hard to believe that we’re beginning Week 6! Where does the time go!?

Tonight, we’re ready to hunker down together and enjoy our Friday night campfire: the WARM FUZZY CAMPFIRE! An especially beautiful, starry night will set the backdrop for another perfect evening by Lake Selma, sitting around the campfire in our red and white, watching the head staff act out the warm fuzzy story in the moonlight. Then the entire camp will receive and exchange warm fuzzies. In fact, many Timber Tops alumni out in the world still have their old warm fuzzies: on bulletin boards, in desk drawers, in college dorms, even in baby nurseries across the country and around the world. There’s just something about those warm fuzzies that leave a lasting impression on our hearts.

As our warm fuzzy song goes: “I will give you a warm and gentle fuzzy, ’cause I love you as you are! If you want a warm and gentle fuzzy, open up your heart.”

Timber Tops traditions don’t get much better or more memorable than this story that has stood the test of time. It’s a story of inclusion, kindness, and compassion, and we can’t think of anything more important.

For your reading pleasure, we give you the warm fuzzy campfire story:


Many years ago in a beautiful Rocky Mountain Valley isolated almost totally from the outside world, was the exciting little village of Swabeedoo. The people of the village called themselves Swabeedoo-dahas. These people went about their land always with broad smiles and cheery greetings from everybody. One of the happiest of these Swabeedoo-dahas was the family of Jim Golly-Wog. This family of Jim, his wife Molly, his son Gary and daughter Becky, lived their lives without ever uttering a cruel word or having a hateful thought about each other or anyone in Swabeedoo.

One of the things the Swabeedoo-dahas liked best was to give Warm Fuzzies to one another. Each of these little people carried over his shoulder a bag, and the bag was filled with Warm Fuzzies. Whenever two Swabeedoo-dahas would meet, each would give the other a Warm Fuzzy. Now, it is an especially nice thing to give someone a Warm Fuzzy. It tells the person that they are special. It is a way of saying, “I like you.” And, of course, it is very pleasing to have someone give you a Warm Fuzzy. When you have a warm fuzzy held out to you, when you take it and feel its warmth and fuzziness against your cheek, and place it gently and lovingly in your fuzzy-bag with all the others, it’s just extra nice. You feel noticed and appreciated when someone gives you a Warm Fuzzy, and you want to do something nice for them in return. The people of Swabeedoo loved to give Warm Fuzzies and get Warm Fuzzies, and their lives together were very happy indeed.

Outside the village, in a cold, dark cave, there lived a great green troll. He didn’t really like to live all by himself, and sometimes he was lonely, but he couldn’t seem to get along with anyone else, and somehow he didn’t enjoy exchanging warm fuzzies. He thought it was a lot of nonsense. “It isn’t cool,” was what he would say. He thought “Someday when I get the chance, I’ll get them all to be like me”.

One fine summer day the entire town of Swabeedoo was enjoying their annual town picnic in the beautiful little park at the edge of the village. Jim decided that it was a perfect day to take a walk throughout the beautiful forest that surrounded the park. As he was walking, he saw the troll trying to hide behind a large tree.

“Hasn’t this been a fine Swabeedoo-dahas day?” said Jim with a smile. “Here, have a Warm Fuzzie. This one’s special, and I saved it just for you, for I don’t see you in town that often.”

The troll looked about to see that no one else was listening, Then he put an arm around the little Swabeedoo-dahas and whispered in his ear.

“Hey, don’t you know that if you give away all your Warm Fuzzies, one of these Sawbeedoo-dahas days of your, you’re going to run out of them?”

He noted the sudden look of surprise and fear on Jim’s face, and then added, peering inside his fuzzy bag, “Right now I’d say you’ve only got about two hundred and seventeen Warm Fuzzies left in there. Better go easy on handin’ ‘em out.”

With that, the troll padded away on his big green feet, leaving a very confused and unhappy Swabeedoo-dah standing there.

Now, the troll knew that every one of the people had an inexhaustible supply of Warm Fuzzies. He knew that as soon as you give a Warm Fuzzy to someone, another comes to take its place, and that you can never run out of Warm Fuzzies in your whole life. But he counted on the trusting nature of the little Swabeedoo-daha and on something else that he knew about himself. He just wanted to see if this same something was inside the people. So he told his fib, went back to his cave and waited.

Jim wondered back to the picnic, but he really didn’t enjoy the day like the rest of the Swabeedoo-daha.

The next morning, as Jim came down to breakfast, Molly noticed that he didn’t kiss her like he usually did, nor did they exchange Warm Fuzzies. She knew that something was wrong. “We must save our Warm Fuzzies or we will run out and then our lives will be miserable”, said Jim, and immediately Molly thought “Run out? That can’t happen!” And together they securely closed their bags of Warm Fuzzies.

When Gary and Becky came down to breakfast, they were told to tie their bag of Warm Fuzzies and not give any more away. Gary and Becky both cried out “Why? We love to give Warm Fuzzies.” “Shut up” said Jim “and do as you are told.” The children had never heard their father talk this way before. “We must save our Fuzzies or we will run out.” Jim told them. “Now go to school.” So the children left the house very sad, but knowing they had to save their Fuzzies.

Well, it didn’t take long. The first person to come along and greet Jim on his way to work was a fine friend of his, with whom he had exchanged many Warm Fuzzies before. This person was surprised to find that when he gave his friend a Warm Fuzzy this time, he received only a strange look. Then he was told to beware of running low on his supply of Warm Fuzzies, and his friend was suddenly gone. The Swabeedoo-daha told three others that same evening: “I’m sorry, but no Warm Fuzzies for you. I’ve got to make sure that I don’t run out.” The children that day at school, and play, also did not share their Warm Fuzzies with their playmates. They too were afraid they would run out

By the next day the word had spread over the entire village. Everyone had suddenly begun to hoard their Warm Fuzzies. They still gave some away, but very, very carefully. “Discriminatingly,” they said.

The Swabeedoo-dah began to watch each other with distrust, and to hide their bags of Warm Fuzzies under their beds for protection at night. Quarrels broke out over who had the most Warm Fuzzies, and pretty soon people began to trade Warm Fuzzies for things, instead of just giving them away. Figuring there were only so many Warm Fuzzies to go around, the mayor of Swabeedoo proclaimed he Fuzzies a system of exchange, and before long, the people were haggling over how many Warm Fuzzies it cost to eat a meal at someone’s house, or stay overnight. There were even some instances of Warm Fuzzy robberies Some dark evenings, the kind Swabeedoo-daha had enjoyed for strolling in the parks and streets and greeting each other to exchange Warm Fuzzies, it wasn’t even safe to be out and about.

Worst of all, something began to happen to the health of the people. Many of them began to complain of pains in their shoulders and backs, and as time went on more and more Swabeedoo-dah became afflicted with a disease known as softening of the backbone. They walked hunched over or (in the worst cases) bent almost to the ground. Their fuzzy bags dragged on the ground. Many people in the town began to say it was the weight of the bags that caused the disease, and that it was better to leave the bags at home, locked up safely. After awhile, you could hardly find a Swabeedoo-dah with his fuzzy bag on.

At first the troll was pleased with the results of his rumor. He had wanted to see whether the people would feel and act as he did sometimes when he thought selfish thoughts, and so he felt successful with the way things were going. Now, when he went into town, he was no longer greeted with smiles and offerings of Warm Fuzzies. Instead, the people looked at him as they looked at each other – with suspicion – and he rather liked that. To him, that was just facing reality. “It’s the way the world is,” he would say.

But as time went on, worse things happened. Perhaps because of the softening of the backbone, perhaps no one ever gave them a Warm Fuzzy (no one knows), a few of the people died. Now, all the happiness was gone from the village of Swabeedoo, as it mourned the passing of its citizens.

When the troll heard about this, he said to himself, “Gosh! I just wanted them to see how the world was. I didn’t mean for them to die!” He wondered what to do. And, then he thought of a plan.

Deep in his cave, the troll had discovered a secret mine of Cold Pricklies. He had spent many years digging the Cold Pricklies our of the mountain, for he liked their cold prickly feel, and he loved to see his growing hoard of Cold Pricklies, to know that they were all his. He decided to share them with the Swabeedoo-dahs. He filled hundreds of bags with Cold Pricklies and took them into the village.

When the people saw the bags of Cold Pricklies, they were glad, and they received them gratefully. Now they had something to give one another. The only trouble was that it was just not as much fun to give a Cold Prickly as a Warm Fuzzy. Giving a Cold Prickly seemed to be a way of reaching out to another person, but not so much in friendship and love. And getting a Cold Prickly gave one a funny feeling, too. You were not just sure what the giver meant, for after all, Cold Pricklies were cold and prickly. It was nice to get something from another person, but it left you confused and often with stung fingers. The usual thing a Swabeedoo-dah said when he received a Warm Fuzzy was “WOW!” But when someone gave him a Cold Prickly there was usually nothing to say but “UGH!”

Some of the people went back to giving Warm Fuzzies, and, of course, each time a Warm Fuzzy was given it made the giver and the receiver very joyful indeed. Perhaps it was that it was so unusual to get a Warm Fuzzy from someone when there were so many Cold Pricklies being exchanged. Suspicion was still there in the minds of the people of Swabeedoo.

You could hear it in their comments: “Warm Fuzzy, eh? Wonder what’s behind it?”

“I never know if my Warm Fuzzies are really appreciated.”

“ I gave a Warm Fuzzy and got a Cold Prickly in return. Just see if I do that again.”

“You never know about Mabel. A Warm Fuzzy one minute, a Cold Prickly the next.”

“If you won’t give me a cold prickly, I won’t give you one. Okay?”

“I want to give my boy a Warm Fuzzy, but he just doesn’t deserve it.”

“Sometimes I wonder if Grandpa has a Warm Fuzzy to his name.”

Probably every citizen of Swabeedoo would gladly have returned to the former days when the giving and getting of Warm Fuzzies had been so common. Sometimes a person would think to himself how very fine it had felt to get a Warm Fuzzy from someone, and he would receive to go out and begin giving them to everyone as freely as of old.

But something always stopped him.

Then one bright sunshiny day, a stranger arrived in the town carrying her bag of Warm Fuzzies. The stranger, whose name was Lovey Generous began to greet the Swabeedoo-dahs and hand them Warm Fuzzies. She couldn’t understand why everyone looked at her in such a strange way and avoided even talking to her.

As she passed the Gollywog home, Becky and Gary were playing in the yard. She went over and gave them each a Warm Fuzzy and saw the excitement and joy in their eyes. And as she talked with them, they explained why they were not allowed to give Warm fuzzies. Love explained to the children that Warm Fuzzies meant friendship and happiness and they were wrong to hoard them.

That night after Jim and Molly had gone to bed, Gary and Becky went up to the attic and unlocked the beg trunk that all of the families Warm Fuzzies were kept in. They took out their bags and crept back to their bedrooms and went to sleep with many happy thoughts dancing in their heads.

The next day, the children went off to school carefully hiding their Warm Fuzzies. When in school they told their friends the story of the stranger and began to notice how excited the children were. When Becky and Molly got home that night, their parents wondered why they seemed to be different. Finally Gary and Becky, bursting with happiness told their parents what they had done. Jim and Molly after listening to the children knew the children were right. So they too went to the attic and got their bags of Warm Fuzzies. “Maybe,” Jim said, “if we start to give Warm Fuzzies again, others will too.” So the next day the whole Gollywog family passed out Fuzzies to everyone they met. Even the troll was glad the Warm Fuzzies returned for he had finally realized that suspicion and hatred made everyone miserable, and when last seen he was standing in the town square happily giving Warm Fuzzies to everyone. The Gollywog family and all the Swabeedoo-dahs still live happily in their beautiful Rocky Mountain home.

And now we would like to share with you that same feeling of happiness, friendship and caring. We have for you, your very own Warm Fuzzy. We give it knowing that you too will share your Warm Fuzzies with everyone you meet, and someday all the people of the world will know about and share Warm Fuzzies.

Together sing: “I will give you a warm and gentle fuzzy, ’cause I love you as you are! If you want a warm and gentle fuzzy, open up your heart.”

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The Guinness Book of Camp Records

Thursday Morning 7/25/2019:

The Guinness Book of Camp Records!

This program is to be done during the senior trip when ONLY JUNIORS (and counselors) rule camp! The following records can be set only on this day of camp each summer, and the reigning record holder at the end of the program (if the previous record is broken) will be recorded in The Guinness Book of Camp Records! Those who’ve done it before will tell you, it’s one of the best days of the summer. Here we go! 



52 Card Pick Up

Box Stitch with Lanyard

Cheese Wall Climb

Lap on the Upper Field  

Length of Pool: Back Stroke

Length of Pool: Breast Stroke

Length of Pool: Freestyle 

Recitation of the 50 States

Run up Lily Lane


Longest Time

Bouncing a Tennis Ball on a Racquet

Holding a Hand Stand

Juggling a Soccer Ball

Juggling Three Tennis Balls

Outstretched Arms Holding Pitchers

Standing on one Foot

Hula Hooping



Consecutive Good Tennis Serves

Consecutive Tennis Rallies 

Foul Shots in One Minute 


Writing Pi to the furthest digit

Consecutive Ping Pong Rallies


It will be a memorable, history-making morning at Camp Timber Tops! And this afternoon? BOWLING! Each grade level with their Lake Owego counterpart! Woohoo! Tonight’s evening program is also with the boys at Lake Owego. MATCH MADNESS! We’ll see what we all have in common over canteen.

Never a dull moment, folks. And have we mentioned… JUNIORS RULE (until late tonight when all of our trips get back, and we’re together again in Greeley where we belong)!

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CTT + LOC Unite! It’s SWITCH DAY in Greeley! And TRIPS Everywhere Else!

It’s a great day to be a Timber Tops girl at home here in Greeley and out in the world!

Today, our 7th and 8th graders departed (our 9th and 10th graders left yesterday), and all of our senior campers are out exploring the world together with their counterparts at Lake Owego Camp for Boys!

7th Grade

Off to the beautiful Adirondack Mountains they go! Campers stay in the Dutch Quad Dormitories at the State University of New York at Albany. First, we’ll head to the amazing Six Flags Great Escape in Lake George! We’ll then take a relaxing dinner cruise on magnificent Lake George and learn about the history of the area.

Tomorrow, our first destination is underground: the enchanting Howe Caverns! Then, we’re off to Cooperstown, NY for a memorable visit to the World Famous Baseball Hall of Fame. We’ll enjoy a great afternoon of exploring Cooperstown, touring the hall, and finally stopping for dinner at a local restaurant before heading back to camp.

8th Grade 

Vermont! We began our adventure with a pit-stop picnic lunch at the scenic Black Point Beach in the Adirondacks. Next, it’s beautiful Burlington! Campers enjoy downtown Burlington, lovely Lake Champlain and the University of Vermont. Next, they’ll visit Church Street Marketplace for strolling and dinner. Campers will end their evening jumping, tumbling and dunking at the Get Air Vermont trampoline park!

Day two begins the only way a Vermont trip should: with a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Factory! After that comes an action-packed day of mountain adventure at the gorgeous Bromley Mountain Adventure Park. Campers enjoy the alpine slide, bungee trampoline, gondola sky ride, climbing wall, space bikes and amazing vistas. The trip ends with dinner at the famous Dinosaur BBQ in New York, then it’s back to camp!

9th Grade 

A New England Adventure! After visiting Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall in Boston yesterday, campers explored Boston by foot on the bustling Newbury Street. Surprise and suspense awaited at Sheer Madness where campers will enjoyed an interactive murder mystery show.

Today, our 9th graders explored Portland, Maine for a visit to the scenic coastline.Campers visit the famous Old Orchard Beach and Palace Playland. They’ll walk the boardwalk, ride the ferris wheel and frolic in the ocean. Talk about vacation!

Tomorrow, they’ll set sail for Seabrook, New Hampshire for whale watching on a private cruise! Lunch and exploring will follow in historic Portsmouth, Maine. Don’t expect a postcard because your camper will be having too much fun exploring the town.

10th Grade

Montreal, Tres bien! When they arrived in Canada, after checking into their dorms, campers shopped and explored their way around downtown Montreal and historic Old Town Montreal. It’s always a magical way to begin their adventure.

Today, it’s JET BOATING the Lachine Rapids along the mighty St. Lawrence River! We’ll then visit nearby La Ronde Amusement Park to experience the thrills of Canada’s second largest theme park. Then, we’ll spend the evening dining and enjoying world-famous Catherine Street.

Tomorrow, the last day across the border, is an adventure along Lake Placid and a visit to Olympic Park. Then, back to the best place in the world: Greeley!

Juniors in Greeley!

But life is good in Greeley, too! Juniors are in for the BEST DAY EVER in what we call Camp Timber Tops/Lake Owego Camp SWITCH DAY! And guess what? It’s a GORGEOUS, perfect day for the switch.

This morning, our 6th graders headed to Lake Owego to participate in activities with the Lake Owego 6th graders, and our 2nd-5th graders stayed at Timber Tops but welcomed Lake Owego’s 2nd-5th graders to participate in choice activities here with us! In the afternoon, we’ll swap! The choices at both camps are awesome. At Timber Tops today, CTT & LOC campers can choose to participate in cooking, tennis, gymnastics, archery, outdoor cooking, lake, dance, zumba, arts and crafts, soccer, basketball, gaga, yoga, and newcomb! COOL! And at Lake Owego, campers will choose between ropes, arts and crafts, gaga, basketball, archery, fencing, tennis, lake, ultimate frisbee, newcomb and indoor soccer!

And guess what?! We even split up for LUNCH today with CTT & LOC 6th graders all at Lake Owego and 2nd-5th graders all at CTT! Are we crazy or what!??

After general swim (still mixed!), we head back to our respective camps for shower time and dinner (because, enough already!). Tonight it’s a CTT favorite… PANIC! Yes! We’re exhausted just writing this post, and tomorrow might even be more exciting than today! Only time will tell!

Stay tuned for more, folks! It’s another great day in Greeley and beyond!

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And They’re Off!

Good afternoon, friends and followers!

It’s been another great day at camp. It started with a chilly, rainy morning and a LATE SLEEP because of it, but by after our pajama-clad breakfast the rain had stopped in time for a regular ol’ lineup…But wait! Lineup is never boring at Timber Tops, and today was no exception. Many of our juniors planned and executed a flash mob! That’s right, for the camp! At lineup! Mid-announcement! Things are crazy here in Greeley.

Speaking of crazy, though it turned into a beautiful, regularly scheduled day (filled with mountain biking, tennis, outdoor cooking galore), it felt a little different around these parts because our hi-seniors are off in the world, and 8th graders rule the roost! In the wee hours of morning, our 9th graders set out for Boston (they’re spending three days on a New England adventure), and our 10th graders headed north to Canada! They’ve already made it across the border! Pretty cool, eh???

Tonight our 7th and 8th graders will pack for THEIR trip which leaves in the morning (more on that to come), and our juniors are extra excited for tonight’s COOKIE BAKE! Dreams really do come true!

Tomorrow the seniors aren’t the only ones having all the fun. JUNIORS RULE at CTT while the trips are out for the next two days, and tomorrow they’ll experience SWITCH DAY! Just what is switch day, you ask? Stay tuned, folks!

That’s all for now from Greeley, PA! We hope you’re having as great a Tuesday as we are!

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