Second Day of Pioneer Days 2018!

Second Day of Pioneer Days!

7:45 CAs wake up campers
8:10 Junior breakfast; Senior clean up
8:40 Line-up
8:50 Junior clean up; Senior breakfast
**Tall tale must perform at lunch today.
9:00 Captains meeting in the dining hal
9:25 Team meetings: Select participants for tug of war, ridic relay, swim meet + bike relay
10:00 Report to the adventure course prepared to participate in Adventure Challenge (sneakers!)
11:45 Tug of war/ ridiculous relay – meet at upper field
12:30 Junior lunch; Senior recall
1:00 Junior rest; Senior lunch
2:15 Swim meet ————– Bring sneakers for dodgeball too!
Swim Meet, then Bike relay! Biathalon! dodgeball!
4:30 General Swim: Everyone at the pool
5:00 Showers
6:00 Junior dinner (SILENT)
6:35 Line-up
6:45 Junior recall; Senior dinner (SILENT)
Committees continue working on projects
7:10 Team meetings in preparation for tonight’s evening activities
7:45 Line-up at flagpole for tonight’s evening activities
Cheer: Each team forms a cheer team to perform tonight! 
Quartet: Each team forms a barbershop quartet to perform tonight!
Totem Pole: Each team forms a committee to create a totem pole to present tonight!
Dance: Each team forms a team to perform tonight! 
9:00 Junior bed time
9:30 Junior lights out; Senior bed time
10:00 Senior lights out
Pioneer days OD – rest up for tomorrow’s activities!

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PIONEER DAYS: Day 1! Follow Along!

Here’s what today looks like for the first day of Pioneer Days 2018! Follow along!

PIONEER DAYS: Day 1 Saturday, August 4th, 2018

7:45 CAs wake up campers
8:10 Junior breakfast; Senior clean up
8:40 Line-up
8:50 Junior clean up; Senior breakfast
9:00 Captains meeting in the dining hall

9:25 Team meetings:
Select participants for:
Jug band, upper field activities , dance, cheer, song, banner, meal, barbershop quartet, camp site, totem pole, freeze frame, hat, tall tale, props

10:30 Meet at the Upper Field for the upper field relay races and activities!
Be ready to participate and cheer!
** Each team bring: laundry bag, zipper bag, jeans, button-up shirt, socks + tie shoes
Begin working on: Jug Band, Quartet, Freeze Frame, Hat, Dance, Cheer, Totem Pole
** Committees organize schedules Props
Begin working on camp site
12:30 Junior lunch; Senior recall
Low senior photos
1:00 Junior rest; Senior lunch

2:00 Captains meeting in the dining hall.
2:15 Team meetings: Select participants for Lakefront activities
2:40 Lakefront activities: all campers to the lake! Relays in canoes, paddle boards, paddle boats, rafts, wibit and more
4:30 General Swim: Everyone at the lake
5:00 Showers
6:00 Junior dinner (SILENT)
6:35 Line-up
6:45 Junior recall; Senior dinner (SILENT)
7:00 Committees continue working on projects

7:15 Team Meetings
7:45 Line-up at flagpole for tonight’s Evening Performance at the Outdoor Theater
Jug Band: Each team forms a band and performs a song with with instruments made out of found objects
Freeze Frame: The whole team participates in what we swear was the original mannequin challenge! Anyone who has gone to Timber Tops knows we did it first!
Props: Each team sends someone up to perform with props given to each person in the moment. It’s hilarious! 
Hat: Each team picks a group to work on a hat representing their team. Tonight they’ll present the hats! 

9:00 Junior bed time
9:30 Junior lights out; Senior bed time

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Blueberry Picking, Fort Building and Much More!

It’s been another great day at CTT filled with laughter, sunshine, and okay rain. But would it be summer 2018 without a passing shower? No! We have learned that life goes on at camp in the rain and that dancing in the rain is sometimes more fun than dancing without it.

This morning the CAs woke us up by telling us to dress in our wackiest clothes for FUNKY FRIDAY! So it’s FUNKY FRIDAY here at CTT! While regular activities were in full swing, our 5th graders took a trip to the Paupack Blueberry Farm. After the girls picked (and ate) berries, they enjoyed some ice cream at the farm (Cout’s Homemade Ice Cream) and then brought their haul back home! In addition to sharing blueberries with the rest of camp at lunchtime, our 5th graders took over cooking this afternoon and made blueberry muffins. They were delicious!

We want Timber Tops girls to leave camp not just with an attachment to camp itself but with an attachment to this beautiful part of the world we call our summer home! We also think it’s fun for juniors to doing something special in each grade level! In the first half of the summer, our 4th graders spent an evening with pony rides and campfires at our ranch, our 5th graders just had a great day filled with all things blueberry, and our 6th graders went on a grade-wide waterfall hike to Shohola Falls! Campers always have the opportunity to sign up for canoeing and adventure and camping trips, but this provides a small taste of the great outdoors! We hope your juniors come home with a love of camp, a love of each other, and an appreciation for Pike County, PA!

This afternoon, after much begging and pleading, and in the midst of a storm, we held one of our most highly anticipated events of the summer… FORT BUILDING! Every bunk picked a theme and decorated their fort. Then, they performed a skit for the judges. Best day ever? We think it might have been!

But can tomorrow compete? Only time will tell!

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SFA, Costa’s, Krav Maga, Pen Making and SO MUCH MORE!

Happy tie-dye Thursday from Down the Winding Road! It’s been another great albeit wet day here at camp, but we’re so busy that we’ve barely noticed!

This morning, after a Thursday late wakeup, we came down to lineup to hear about offerings for Supervised Free Activity Day. In addition to regular activities being open for free play, Thursdays are an opportunity to hold special classes and clinics and even welcome visiting teachers and artists. Today we welcomed a woodworker who helped many of us make our own pens! Though open to all, all 6th graders were scheduled a visit and will bring home a beautiful new wooden pen, made here at camp! We also held Krav Maga clinics, one for our younger campers and one for our hi-seniors. Krav Maga is a form of Israeli self-denfense, and in addition to getting great exercise, we hope that campers will walk away with a few new skills. Other highlights of today’s SFA day included a cake decorating workshop, tie-dying for all in A&C, hi-seniors at Costa’s and banquet prep! Oh, and though our neighbors canceled our inter-camp field hockey game, we were so excited to play that we held our own! Campers vs. Counselors! It was so much fun.

And just after a delicious lunch in the grove of hamburgers, hotdogs, veggie burgers, watermelon baked beans, potato chips, lemonade and more, we ran for shelter in another only-in-the-mountains downpour! It came out of the blue! And after an hour or so of rain, rain, rain, we’re left with sunny skies again, birds chirping, wild turkey roaming…It’s wacky here at camp!

Tonight will be LAKE NIGHT for Juniors (it’s beautiful now, but if it rains again we’ll go with Food Factor), and SOCIAL for the Seniors!

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Costa’s, Old Timers + New Timers!

Today was a great day in Greeley! The morning was a rainy one, but that didn’t prevent our Juniors from having the best time ever at Costa’s! Apparently go-carts are extra fun in the rain, because you get splashed! And waterslides and bumper boats are even more fun while getting wet from every angle! Who knew?! Our Juniors are the best! Seniors had it easier this afternoon with sunny skies for Costa’s, and it was a beautiful afternoon all around.

Tonight? Old Timers/New Timers!

OLD TIMERS CLUB IS THE BEST! First, let us assure you that new timers have a fun-filled, active, awesome party of their own, complete with a delicious snack, so fear not, moms and dads. But, here’s the truth: Timber Tops girls REALLY look forward to being Old Timers (which is what we call campers who’ve been at camp for 3 or more years).

The old timers party starts with a walk to the 10-year tree where 10-year old timers are inducted onto the tree by our head staff members. Each person is honored and spoken about. It’s a great and emotional ceremony where Timber Tops’ finest are given a moment in the spotlight.

Next? ICE CREAM PARTY TIME! Old timer campers AND counselors storm the dining hall, sit by year at camp, and basically sing every single camp song and cheer (including past Olympic and Pioneer Day songs) in recent (and not so recent) memory. They’re called up to the sundae bar by year at camp (longest at camp goes first and eats sundaes off of plates, naturally), and they sing into the wee hours of the night. Is there any other Timber Tops way? OH! Old timers get a special gift too. And 8-year old timers get a special old timer’s shirt! And plaques! Old Timers get PLAQUES! We love a good tradition.

Life is good in Greeley!

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Timber Tops Tuesday, Tennis, Dance, Pike County Idol, OH MY!

It’s been another great day down The Winding Road! Did you check out our breaking news video out of media today? We posted it on Facebook, and you should definitely check it out! Here’s the gist: Pioneer Days is in the air. We’re not sure when, we’re not sure what, but we KNOW it’s coming. Three days of sportsmanship, competition and fun – we can’t wait! The breakout could be any minute!

But let’s back up to this morning’s wakeup. The CAs woke us up by revealing that today is TIMBER TOPS TUESDAY! The truth is, every Tuesday is Timber Tops Tuesday (and our older campers post #timbertopstuesday photos from camp throughout the year), but this one is extra special because it’s one of our last Tuesdays at camp this summer. We know, we know, we won’t start getting too sappy yet, but we just can’t believe how fast this summer is flying. Today we proudly wore our red and white and held our heads extra high on this day of CTT spirit!

Today a number of girls participated in the Marvin Black USTA tennis tournament at Pine Forest Camp, and they did great! So, too, did our dancers who competed against four other camps here at CTT during our Pike County Dance competition. And speaking of Pike County, this evening during SFA is Pike County Idol. Held at Lake Owego Camp, all winners of each respective camp’s idol competition will perform in Pike County Idol! Last night’s Timber Tops Idol winners were the duet of Rachel F. and Rachel K., two CAs singing “Remedy” by Adel. Good luck tonight, Rachel and Rachel!

Tonight’s evening program is…SENIOR LIP SYNC, a CTT classic. And who knows what might happen after. Only time well tell!

That’s all from Greeley for tonight, folks! We’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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Canoeing, Hiking, Climbing, Tumbling, Cooking, Singing, and So Much More!

It’s another busy day at Camp Timber Tops, though you wouldn’t know it from looking at us! This morning was late sleep, and we were woken up to learn that it’s Spirit Week and that today is “Monday Blues.” In other words, it’s Pajama Day! Now that’s a theme we can get behind! So though it’s very common to see campers in pajamas at breakfast, it’s uncommon for us to be in PJs all day. But it’s not a bad day to be warm and cozy, since it’s overcast and chillier than usual. But no rain means no complaining over here!

Now back to business. Today our 11th graders left for a three-day trip to Maryland for college visiting and lots of fun too, of course. And many of our hi-seniors headed out with Lindsey, our Head of Lake, to the Delaware Water Gap where they’ll canoe 20 miles, camp out, and then hike all day tomorrow before making their way back to CTT. Do you know that CTT used to call itself “The Mountain Camp for Girls?” We should use that more around here, because it’s true! There was also a climbing trip to Ricks Rocks today, a gymnastics meet here at CTT, a Top Cooks trip to Henning’s local for a demo and lunch, and SO MANY intercamp games! Seniors played intercamp games in lacrosse, volleyball, and basketball today, and juniors played kickball, soccer, and softball!

Tonight is TIMBER TOPS IDOL! Yes! And the winner of Timber Tops idol will participate in tomorrow’s Pike County Idol! Awesome!

And these are just the special events we’ve had today. Whew! We’re exhausted just writing about it! See you back here tomorrow, folks, for more Timber Talk!

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Track Meet, Gymnastics Prep, Junior Overnight, Polar Bears, and Hi-Senior Spirit Game, TONIGHT at PFC!

Good evening, folks! It’s been another beautiful day down the winding road. We said goodbye to 18 happy Explorers who spent their first successful night at camp! We loved having you, girls, and hope to see many of you next summer.

First thing this morning we sent out girls out to a track meet that happens each summer at our local Wallenpaupack Area High School. It’s a serious track meet with many other local camps in attendance and guess what?! We won! No surprise here! Tomorrow we’re hosting our own gymnastics meet here at CTT, and the girls involved spent much of the day preparing. Tonight we have two big events happening under the Greeley sky. First, a JUNIOR OVERNIGHT for any interested Junior camper (and boy, well, girl, have we got a lot of interested junior campers). The girls will camp out on Hughie Field, under the stars. And our Hi-Seniors are headed over to Pine Forest Camp for our annual CTT vs. PFC girls basketball game! It’ll be a “red out” with Timber Tops girls in all red, showing camp spirit to the max. It’s a highlight of every summer, and we have a good feeling about our odds! But at Timber Tops it’s never if we win or lose but how we play that counts. And how we cheer, of course!

And how could we forget?! This morning was the first of three, second-session Polar Bear Club days! Anyone who wasn’t here first session (or anyone who was and didn’t participate then) is invited to join the POLAR BEARS CLUB! Participants are woken up at dawn, quietly walk down to Lake Selma, jump into the lake, sing three songs, and run back up to the dining hall for hot chocolate all before the rest of camp rises. If you do this three days in a row, you are an official Camp Timber Tops Polar Bear! And you get a t-shirt to prove it! Timber Tops girls are spirited and tough and awesome!

Whoever said that Sundays are lazy days surely never spent a Sunday at Camp Timber Tops! Tune in tomorrow, friends and followers! Oh! Have you checked out our week 5 video? Make sure you do! It’s up on our Facebook page and in CampMinder! We hope you like it as much as we do.


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Escape From CTT …DON’T PANIC;)

It’s another great day at camp! The morning started by welcoming an awesome group of Explorers campers to experience camp in action for an overnight.  18 of them, in fact. WOWEEE. They are having the best time! We have amazing counselors who can’t be here all summer but who are beloved members of our CTT family come help us, and it’s always great to see so many new and familiar Timber Tops faces.

The most welcomed visitor of the day, though, was the sun! There was a totally bizarre, 20 minutes or so of rain, but the rest of the day has been absolutely gorgeous. In addition to it being “Space Saturday” (as decided by the CAs), the day was filled with action-packed activities like “canteen art,” play practice, gymnastics competition practice, sticker trades, jibbit trades, mountain biking, scented candle-making, high zip-lining, flag football, wibit hopping, and so much more!

Tonight, the evening program is the HIGHLY anticipated ESCAPE FROM CTT! In “Escape,” as its nicknamed, campers are placed in pairs (one junior camper and one senior camper in each group) and must complete a list of activities around camp (think shooting a basketball, kayaking around a buoy in the lake, doing forward rolls in gymnastics, etc.). The first 10 pairs to complete their checklist “ESCAPE” camp and head out for soft ice cream. But wait- there’s a catch. While your happy campers are scampering around camp trying to “Escape from CTT,” there are “powder puffs” (counselors stationed around camp trying to whack kids with a sock filled of corn starch) trying to freeze kids who can only be unfrozen by “hydro helpers,” (counselors who squirt frozen campers with water toys)! It’s hard to explain, but you get the gist: it’s going to be an AWESOME night under the Greeley stars.

That’s all for now, readers! Tune in tomorrow for more Timber Talk!

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Home Sweet Home and Feelin’ Good!

It’s been an awesome, late sleep, super-fun day under the Greeley sky. Since many of our senior friends arrived home from their trips so late last night, today was a late wakeup morning! Woohoo! And to celebrate we ate french toast for breakfast with whipped cream and blueberries. YUM. And it was truly beautiful outside! The sun was out, camp was buzzing, activities were in full swing. It was the kind of camp morning we dream of! And then, just as our tomato soup, toasty tuna melts and grilled cheeses were set out for lunch, a downpour, the likes of which we’ve rarely seen, was suddenly upon us! And then, as fast as she came, the storm quickly passed and we were back to regular afternoon scheduling under a gorgeous Greeley sky. It was bizarre! Once again the birds were chirping, the sun was shining, and all was picturesque up Lily Lane, at Lake Selma, and up on Hughie Field. The vibe was a great one today. We were happy to be out and about and back to regular programming! And then again, after a full day of a swim meet, a Top Cooks cookie decorating class, mountain biking, gaga and so much more, general swim brought another storm! But don’t worry, friends and followers. We’re back in our bunks, safe and sound, ready for a night of hunkering down and enjoying our Friday night (now indoor) campfire. They’re the best kind of Friday Night Lights we know! No matter where we travel, no matter where we roam, there’s no place like Timber Tops, and a campfire might be the most magical Timber Tops moment of them all! We’re just happy to be back together down the Winding Road.


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