Old Timers

Last night’s evening program was Old Timers/New Timers. New Timers are campers who have been here one or two years, and their evening program involves ice cream sandwiches and camp trivia. Not the most fun evening program, but it is for Old Timers! Old Timers are people who are three years and above. For second session Old Timers, we get to see the Ten Year Tree Ceremony. People who have gone to camp for 10 years get their name on a plaque on a tree. My counselor, Carly Siegel, as well as three others, went onto the tree. It was a heartwarming ceremony filled with cheesy jokes and lots of happy tears.

Then came the ice cream. People who have been here 8 years and above get a plate of ice cream, while the rest of us have to make do with a little bowl. Three years get a warm welcome to Old Timers from the rest of us, which involves screaming and singing loudly in their faces. The ice cream was no mere sandwich, but giant scoops of delicious, freezing ice cream with toppings galore. The hall was filled with the sounds of cheering girls, singing and laughing and having a good time.

Old Timers is truly an amazing night.

-Hayley, Gumbo-Limbo

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