Old Timers New Timers!!!! By Sammie F. Juniper, and Melissa H. Maple

New Timers: By Melissa H.

New timers are campers that are here at Timber Tops for only one or two years. This summer is my first summer so I am a new timer. Last night the old timers and the new timers separated for evening program. The new timers played trivia. We were asked 10 random questions and which ever team got the most right won. My team was made up of all of bunk Maple and the new timers of bunk Redwood. We didn’t win, but it was still fun. Then we sat around and talked until the fakeout.

Old Timers: by Sammie F.

Old timers are the people that have been at camp for 3 years or more. It is my 6th year, so I have been an old timer for a while, but it is my sister’s 3rd year, so it was her first time watching the ten year tree ceremony, and getting a plaque and gift.Depending on how many years the person has been here, they get a plaque, shirt, or get to be on the ten year tree. Years 3-7 get a plaque that ranges in size, getting bigger with every year. 8 years and up get a shirt, and ten years get their name put on the ten year tree. Every year there is also a old timers gift, and we got snow globes this year! The bottom opens up and you can put a picture in it! After the ten year tree ceremony, (which shall remain a secret  for now 😉 ) we went inside to eat ice cream and apparently, try to burst our eardrums by being so loud. Every year, my bunk says, “This year i’ll finish my ice cream”. None of us has EVER had the stomach to finish our ice cream.

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