Health Checks, Gymnastics Show, Socials, Oh My!

Hello friends and followers,

It’s another great day at camp, our last day of regular schedule. We’re biking, we’re swimming, we’re canoeing, we’re climbing, we’re cooking, we’re creating, we’re running, we’re competing … It’s a great Greeley Day, and we’re basking in the glow of the warm summer sun and cherishing our dwindling time here together.

This morning, between activities, everyone had a health screening by our nurses and enjoyed a head check from “Lice Be Gone,” a professional lice company that travels from Short Hills, NJ to Greeley, PA to ensure that we come home to you lice-free! If you haven’t gotten a friendly call from us at camp today, your daughter is in the clear! Woohoo! Aside from our lice friends, other exciting happenings include banquet prep, a canoe trip, and a top cooks trip! We’re also preparing for this afternoon’s gymnastics show followed by tonight’s all-camp social with Lake Owego Camp, entertainment provided by RockIt Entertainment! It’s crazy over here! In all seriousness though, we’ll dance and sing into the night. It’s always an especially fun night here in Greeley.



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