Mission to Space Pioneer Days 2019: Day 2!

Welcome back, friends! It’s DAY 2 of Pioneer Days! There are all kinds of smaller committees working as hard as ever, but today’s big events are THE ADVENTURE COURSE in the morning (all participate!) and A SWIM MEET this afternoon! And tonight we highlight our smaller committees of barbershop quartet, dance, cheer, and totem pole! It’s one of the best days of summer. Follow along, won’t you?

Pioneer Days 2019: Mission to Space! 
Day 2 – Sunday, August 4th 2019

7:45 CA’s wake up campers
8:10 Junior breakfast; Senior clean up
8:40 Line-up
8:50 Junior clean up; Senior breakfast
**Tall tale must perform at lunch today.
9:00 Captains meeting in the dining hall
9:25 Team meetings: Select participants for tug of war, ridic relay, swim meet + bike relay
10:00 Report to the adventure course prepared to participate (sneakers!)
11:45 Tug of war/ ridiculous relay – meet at upper field
12:30 Junior lunch; Senior recall
1:00 Junior rest; Senior lunch
2:15 Swim meet ————– Bring sneakers for dodgeball too
Bike relay dodgeball
4:30 General Swim: Everyone at the pool
5:00 Showers
6:00 Junior dinner (SILENT)
6:35 Line-up
6:45 Junior recall; Senior dinner (SILENT)
Committees continue working on projects
7:10 Team meetings in preparation for tonight’s evening activities
7:45 Line-up at flagpole for tonight’s evening activities
Cheer — a gymanstics/cheerleading team from each color!
Quartet — each time has been practicing and will perform a barber shop quartet!
Totem Pole — each team designs a totem pole!
Dance — each team presents their dance team!
“Props” — it’s a camp thing!
9:00 Junior bed time
9:30 Junior lights out; Senior bed time
10:00 Senior lights out
Pioneer days OD – rest up for tomorrow’s activities! 🙂

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