Our Final Timber Tops Tuesday

It’s our final Timber Tops Tuesday, filled with all Timber Tops Tuesday things. It’s hard to believe that next Tuesday we won’t be with our summer sisters. This summer has flown by so quickly that sometimes it feels like a dream!

This morning, we had a hard-earned late sleep. After breakfast, our horseback riders participated in horse shows! And seniors signed up for tomorrow’s final canoe trip. Today we also had all-day play practice in anticipation of tonight’s Broadway Review! It’s the big show, and we can’t wait to watch out bunkmates perform. These girls are AH-MAY-ZING. And then they’ll enjoy a cast party, celebrating their hard work and success!

Though for the most part we’ve maintained a regular schedule today, there have been thunderstorms on and off throughout the day. It sort of reflects our mood, though. Tomorrow, we begin lice checks and health screenings, the gymnastics show, a final social and more. But more on that tomorrow. For today, we’re just making every moment count.

More tomorrow from Greeley!

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