Sunday Funday at CTT!

Good evening, friends and followers!

Apologies for the nighttime edition of Timber Talk! This blogger was more than just blogging today, and the day got away from her! What a day! What a life down the winding road!

Where to begin! First, a note that tonight, live in Greeley, Pennsylvania, on the Timber Theater Stage is none other than Timber Tops Idol! Similar to the lesser known “American Idol,” there’s a vocal contestant from every age group, a few funny acts, and a whole lot of Timber Tops cheering for bunkmates and friends performing for all of us. Who will be the winner of Timber Tops Idol? Only time will tell! But it’s sure to be a great Greeley night. Anyway, this is just to say that today there was a whole lot of singing in the air to complement an already gorgeous, breezy, perfect CTT day.

But we’re not just singing down the winding road, friends. First thing this morning we sent girls out to a track meet that happens each summer at our local Wallenpaupack Area High School. It’s a serious track meet in an amazing venue with many other local camps in attendance and guess what?! We came in second place! Our girls were awesome! And it was great preparation for our upcoming 5K, the Hughie and Selma Black Camper Scamper, which takes place on Wednesday with our sister camps, Pine Forest and Lake Owego. You will be amazed by how many Timber Tops girls participate.

Speaking of participation, we’re looking forward to a day of inter-camp games tomorrow at CTT: basketball, vollyball, newcomb, soccer, lacrosse and so much more! We’re always asked what kind of camper goes to CTT, and though there’s no one kind of Timber Tops girl, of course, and though no one has to play, we love that so many of our girls feel comfortable enough to participate! They try new things! They play! Have we mentioned how fun it is here?

Other highlights today included lemon bars in cooking class, the high zip line in adventure, more of the ever-popular creek stomping, tie dying, paddleboard yoga, fishing, and our news team out in camp interviewing campers about the past week in the life of a CTT camper!

And the clincher? Tomorrow it’s late sleep! We’re tired but happy, friends and followers! It’s good to be a Timber Tops girl, especially when there are ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

Good night, folks!

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