Thanking Zelkova 2019 and Introducing…Kauri 2020!

Tonight’s top-secret Banquet theme, brought to us by the 9th graders was…Zelkova Goes Up! Like, from the movie “Up!” As the movie says, “you’ll always be our greatest adventure.”

Our 9th graders have spent the past number of weeks planning, organizing, and putting together tonight’s banquet which honors the CAs for their leadership this summer. It’s a Timber Tops tradition that we look forward to all summer and take very seriously- from Oaklings to CAs! The entire camp ate breakfast and lunch in the grove to give our 9th graders ample time to prepare in private, and they surpassed all expectations! You would not believe the way our 9th graders transform the dining hall each year, and it’s hard to put into words just how awesome it really is.

This year, “Zelkova Goes Up,” was amazing. Balloons filled the air, colorful banners were everywhere. The dining hall was just totally transformed!

It’s our tradition for CAs to get dressed up for banquet while the rest of camp dons their officials. Zelkova is officially presented one by one,  thanked, presented with awards, and made to feel like the stars of the show they truly have been this entire summer. Thank you, Zelkova, for a summer filled with love for camp and each other. We have another tradition at Banquet where our counselors who grew up as campers at CTT serenade the whole camp with a special song to the tune of “Uncle John’s Band.” The lyrics include “When you leave Timber Tops, friends will still remain. People grow, each year will pass, but the memories never change…” And counselors get awards too! MVC and the “Most Sucked In” were so special this year, that there wasn’t a dry eye in the dining hall.

At the end of the banquet, the 9th graders thanked Zelkova and then, after much anticipation, introduced their CA name and sang their CA song for next summer. And the CA Village next summer is…

Kauri 2020!
Song: “Running Home to You” by Michelle Osorio

In addition to a big CTT/9th grade (now known as “Kauri”)/Zelkova love fest, the night was filled with especially delicious appetizers, dinner and desserts including pesto chicken, caprese salads, sliders, shirley temples and homemade ice cream sandwiches. It was like being at a wedding! It’s called Banquet for a reason. Really, ask your camper all about it!

An extraordinary night for extraordinary people in this extraordinary place. There’s a little extra magic in the air tonight at Camp Timber Tops, even though chants of “we’re not leaving” echo through the trees. It’s a bittersweet but awesome moment in the life of every summer and this summer is no different.

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