The Guinness Book of Camp Records

Thursday Morning 7/25/2019:

The Guinness Book of Camp Records!

This program is to be done during the senior trip when ONLY JUNIORS (and counselors) rule camp! The following records can be set only on this day of camp each summer, and the reigning record holder at the end of the program (if the previous record is broken) will be recorded in The Guinness Book of Camp Records! Those who’ve done it before will tell you, it’s one of the best days of the summer. Here we go! 



52 Card Pick Up

Box Stitch with Lanyard

Cheese Wall Climb

Lap on the Upper Field  

Length of Pool: Back Stroke

Length of Pool: Breast Stroke

Length of Pool: Freestyle 

Recitation of the 50 States

Run up Lily Lane


Longest Time

Bouncing a Tennis Ball on a Racquet

Holding a Hand Stand

Juggling a Soccer Ball

Juggling Three Tennis Balls

Outstretched Arms Holding Pitchers

Standing on one Foot

Hula Hooping



Consecutive Good Tennis Serves

Consecutive Tennis Rallies 

Foul Shots in One Minute 


Writing Pi to the furthest digit

Consecutive Ping Pong Rallies


It will be a memorable, history-making morning at Camp Timber Tops! And this afternoon? BOWLING! Each grade level with their Lake Owego counterpart! Woohoo! Tonight’s evening program is also with the boys at Lake Owego. MATCH MADNESS! We’ll see what we all have in common over canteen.

Never a dull moment, folks. And have we mentioned… JUNIORS RULE (until late tonight when all of our trips get back, and we’re together again in Greeley where we belong)!

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